If only?

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Don't ask me where this one came from. It just about a guy asking what if but with a dark twist.

Submitted: February 15, 2007

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Submitted: February 15, 2007




As I sit here crying in shivering rain

The world still turns

All I am is a spec of dust on this plain of existence

Left with only my heart for company


This poring rain keeps lashing down

Like I am the one to blame

I didn't mean to be here sat on this dirty mound

I supposed to be contented

Things just did not go my way that's all


How was I supposed to see what happened

 I did not for see that quarrel

The anger that was ensnared inside


Why was I not left alone when I pleaded?

Why did you not take heed of me?

Then it would not have happened


If you had only let me be

Then I would not have carved you


If you did not say I don't love you

Then you would still be around


If you hadn't have slept with every guy

Then I won't have served you their eyes.


If you hadn't of killed my unborn child

Then I would not have beaten you black and blue

Or fricasseed your peruses cat


If your heart was not so frozen

Then I would not have buried you alive


Sat here with your blood on my hands

The pounding rain-washes you away


All that is left of you now

Is a meal for all the insects to feast upon

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