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Still haunted by my childhood it is true there are so many things we need to protect our children from in this world. Even themselves.

Submitted: January 26, 2007

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Submitted: January 26, 2007




It will happen to me one day

The monster will take hold

The one I run from

It has already happened before long ago

Obsessed I become

Only after one thing

Not ever caring

Typically male only taking never giving


That monster once became my dealer

Costing only my innocence and soul

Playing me like a finger puppet

I only could think of one thing


No longer a sweet child.

A perverted obsessed dummy I became.

Bending to my dealers will

Unable to see the junkie I was becoming


Now hooked on evil carnal pleasure 

The monster conquered my being

Unwilling to set me free

His basted I was being until one day fate stepped in.


A move of place away from temptation

Cold turkey I did face

With a lot of hurting and no understanding.

I was free with deep scars within me


So till this day I remain running from my monster

Fearing I will once again become his junkie

Feeding off his evil carnal knowledge

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