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I heard the other day what "friends" thought of me and this is my responce!!

Submitted: January 30, 2007

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Submitted: January 30, 2007




I am a fruit a loon

 Dark and depressed

This is the label you place upon me for your shop window

A shop that you run with your pre conceptions

You don't even know me

Yet you choose to place this label


Consumed by your own needs

Obsessed with your little lives

Living in your own little worlds were everyone must fit


Instead of taking the option to get to know me

Asking easy questions

Spending time with me

You cast me a side like I don't even exist


Yet when help is needed

Your short staffed

 Who do you take off the dusty shelve

The one who is dark and depressed


You would think me knowing this would push me further to the edge

That I would pick up the razor a make a slit

For I am your sweet depressed


Well fuck you!

You can't even see the truth in front of your drugged eyes

Living with your precious soaps on TV

Being hypnotised by the world at every turn


You don't see the wonder of the person in front of you

The person who would die for his friends

Who would walk in hell to be by there side

The guy who keeps coming back for your shit.


So I am fruit a loon

Dark and depressed

I say to you that I am free

Following my own path

Accepting the crap life has to give

I openly see the truth in you all

Accepting , respecting all of you


To bring this to an end

Go a head continue to label me

For it is the prison sentence you carry out each day

So you can continue to paint you own sad world

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