Self Sacrifice

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Happy but still figthing inside this where sacrifice bubbled to the surface of my blood filled pen.

Submitted: May 18, 2007

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Submitted: May 18, 2007




Again my past self sacrifice binds me to the wall

Cutting into the surface of my skin I gently bleed

Helplessly lost in my self loathing I can't break free

So many things that I must do

But I can't due to decisions and promises I dare not break

Suffocating in happiness unable to be all the things my beating heart ask of me


Ragging anger consumes as I beat myself down

Trapped I remain to afraid to ask for forgiveness

Forever fighting with the failure I hold inside

An overwhelming desire just to end it tonight


Yet I remain soldering on

For I now have a new direction to head

Freshly guided by love's great might

I am able to make these binding chains disintegrate

Slowly I heal my bottomless scars with each baby step I make

Towards my angel who has chosen this demon over eternal bliss.


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