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A typical siren is a mermaid who leads saliors to there death. Well with this and some friends in mind i wrote about my take on sirens

Submitted: February 15, 2007

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Submitted: February 15, 2007




From a goddess womb they were spun

Give beauty from the purist source

Filled with all things women should be


To earth they were sent

To live among mortal men

Not for good

But to bring man to his knees 


For these two beauties were sirens

Off the darkest heart

It did not take them long to take hold


Both equally sleek and slender

Enough to make the strongest man fall at there feet

Inculpating the sun with their smiles

Mesmerising you with their hypnotic eyes


Taking your breath away when they entered a room

One touch you would ejaculate in your pants

A kiss was like heaven

Then a straight one-way ticket into deaths grasp


Spreading across the world like a hidden plague

Man after man did fall

As they sang their song

Playing their unholy game


With no one able to stop them man was doomed

Even before he began


Failing with his first attempt

The lord God saw fit to create such divine creatures

To keep man in line


This is why women are around

Doing what they must

Not having as much power

Following their sisters lead

Keeping man on his knees




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