Stupid Fool

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six months down the line you think you have moved on then one little thing brings you back down crashing to your kness.

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007




These words you say fill my ears

Burning in to my heart

I say I am ok but on the inside the storm dose rage

Free failing once again the peace once made now destroyed


Over thinking like before filling myself with pain

Anger at myself no one else

Vengeance wanting to fly

 Different voices echoing in my head


Old feelings remerging

All the answers I now have

Leaving me such a stupid fool


I fell so deep blinded by a false light

Picking myself up with a lot of help

But with one piece of news

You pierce my taped up heart one again


Leaving me a mess

Hating when I has just started to live again

Do not panic or worry I don't blame you or even him

It's is myself I seek to kill


For being such a fool

For not building enough defence

For twisting things in my own head

For the false hope that someone wanted me for me

For the things I never said


For being so kind I just let it all go

When I should hate you all moving on leaving

Instead I stay trying to make amends being a friend

One that you abuse and walk all over

One who should be dead you've killed me that many times

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