Things I Can Not Give

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We all fear the things we can't give. Especially when you find that someone you trully love.

Submitted: November 29, 2007

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Submitted: November 29, 2007



Holding on to nothing else but love.
This is all I have to give her.
But as I look into her eyes I see all the things she needs
Things I can not give

Even though I try so hard I will never be able to keep her.
How do you tell the one so in love
That you must leave them alone in order for them to live

It’s not like tearing off a ban aid
Ripping out your ownheart
Leaving yourself a lifeless droid waiting just to rot away

Lying all the time
When you know that you’re going to kill the butterfly
You waited years to find

Down the garden path is where you lead her.
With your tongue twisting words
Fooling her that your are perfect when your truly just a leach.
Sucking out her life rerunning everything you touch like an ancient curse

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