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Funny what truth runs in the mind once ignited by vodka. I seem to move in to a diffrent way of seeing things just a shame i swear so much

Submitted: February 25, 2007

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Submitted: February 25, 2007




I am just the dead soul in the corner

The one you won't even touch with a barge pole

I don't mind but you don't see the man


You jut see a drunken face

A face that shocks you

One that you can't bear to go home with

Ugly fucking troll you should curl up and die


Why are you even trying to score

Getting all up in my face.

When you are just a desperate basted

Longing to get in my pants

Just crawl back into that hellhole you did venture from


Cut off your shrink rapped dick

Doing us all a great justice

For no whore's pants you will get into


No matter what you say

Cause your not even compared to the rear end of a shitting bulldog

Your to much of a fing troll to even give you this dignity 

You fing piece of contaminated shit

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