Tune of an Angel

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Thoughts of what it would be like to be in heaven

Submitted: November 29, 2008

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Submitted: November 29, 2008



Tune of an Angel

Dancing in the footsteps of heaven,

Crying out through flowers decay,

Red petals littering the path,

Golden light showing the darkness,

Dancing on the balcony of iron door,

Falling through the alley of past,

Swallowing the drops of fountain,

Spinning with face lit to rain,

Hands grasping ivory tusks,

Turning smooth ebony handles,

Walking through the valley of journey,

Following wind swept guides,

Velvet curtains drawn back,

Dancing shadows on heaven’s gate.


Clock timing through gritted teeth,

Flying through bars of jail,

Angels touch left glowing cheeks,

Standing on the wings of existence,

Sandy beaches running through hair,

Droplets of tears run only for drought,

Infinity stars dance through fingertips,

Eternity to dance this tune,

Sweeping fire into our hearts,

Dancing on the mirror edges,

Swimming through the music,

Running through our hands like sand,

Filling our glasses with embers,

Floating through the sparks,

In the eyes of birds we see our soul fly,

Pumping the bellows of laughter,

Tumbling through pink waves,

Dancing on the stories told.


Angels igniting our decayed dreams,

Flowers burst into red bloom,

Dancing in unison with the wind,

We carry our wings through our heart,

Releasing our souls to heaven’s window,

So we can truly see our lyrics,

The tune of an Angel sung by time,

Heard only by those dancing in the flames,

Casting their lines to catch us falling,

Blankets of echoing melodies warm us,

Dragging our bundles of wood,

Turning the key to heaven’s door,

Opening the chestnuts of the forest,

Swirling through the dust,

Lighting up the darkness,

Dancing to the tune of an Angel

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