Twisted and Teased

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Dreams good or bad are the windows in to ourselves. We see things we want or things we fear. Myselfe on the other hand is played with by his heart.....

Submitted: January 24, 2007

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Submitted: January 24, 2007




Twisted and teased my heat is to me

For only so much it will let me see

I know in dreams there is someone that I love

But who she is a mystery to me.

For when I close these pain filled eyes

I begin to see her stood in front of me


She sweetly smiles at me

While her raven hair gently floats in the wind

I know I am in heavy not even knowing her name

As the sun fades and the rain begins to fall we do not move

Our eyes lost in each other

I no longer feel anger or hate


It's as if she knows every inch of this humble being

I start to shed a tear after this sweet realise adding to this some how warm rain

A magical embrace, she is holding me.

My beating heart matches hers

I could lay here in her arms forever.


She softly smiles again not saying a word

Just taking my cold hand

Wanting me to go with her


I awake not even knowing her name or remembering her face

Now trapped in reality

All I have is hope that she is truth waiting for me to find

For I know I love her


Again twisted and teased by my heart

For when I sleep she is always there

Left unknowing when I am awake.

My heart only showing a trailer of my love


I wonder if she is alive

That she dreams of me

For one day we may meet without either of us knowing it

Two ships in the night passing only loving in both our dreams

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