a story about a mans glimpse of heaven.


We Were There 

"There she was , beautiful as always. My wife Elizabeth tending to her garden in the yard. 

Not so long ago were the flowers dying due to lack of sunshine, thanks to the fact  we live in 

New York city , where the tall buildings seem to always block out the warm rays of the sun. 

Elizabeth always had this healing factor to her that could make anyone feel better physically and 

mentally." I was a successful buisiness man , I worked on wallstreet where I made a killing in the market.

I was able to afford a beautiful home, expensive cars and jewlerey for the woman I loved. Life is good .


BEEP..... BEEP..... BEEP.... 

There it is again, That beeping sound. The same sound I wake up to every morning. I cant quite remember 

when it was I first heard it , but it was loud , almost as if it was coming from my own mind. I ignore it as usual and 

began my day. I see Elizabeth tending to her dying flowers again, nurishing them back to health. "isaac!" she 

cheerfully calls out to me. "Come take a look!'' . I walk out on to the yard to see the once ill flowers blooming with life. 

"told ya I could save em " she says with a grin. " Never said you couldnt hun"  I say to her as I put my arm around her neck.

On my way to work my legs begin to feel weak and I feel a numbing sensation run through them. I've been feeling this sort of 

pain for weeks now but have been too busy to visit my doctor . I shrug it off. 



Off goes my mental alarm clock. I lay in bed today for a little while longer than usual. I feel uneasy. I dreamt 

something weird last night. I dreamt about a man. He looked to be ill and bed ridden, in this dream he looked at me 

eyes solid white with no pupils in them. He said " dont come back". I quickly forget about my dream though, seeing as

Elizabeth decided it'd be a good idea to jump on me , in order to get me out of bed. "Dont forget about tonight!" she says

with a beautiful smile looking deep into my eyes. I promised to take her to that new restaurant she'd been dying to go to. After

that , I was going to take her to the empire state building , where i was planning to propose. As I lay on the bed with her ,

playing with her hair I see from the corner of my eye that someones sitting in the livning room. I quickly turn to look , as so 

does Elizabeth. "what is it " she says looking at me confused. Strange, I think to myself , I see him, so why cant she. 

Its the old man from my dream, sitting in nothing but a patients gown. He was crying. " You look like you've just seen a ghost"

says Elizabeth playfully. 

Hours later we head out. Im filled with anxiety and butterflies. Nervous would be an understatement. I was so 

engullfed with the idea that I would soon marry Elizabeth that I forgot all about the old man. We head out to dinner and I made 

we got the most expensive bottle of champagne they had, tonight was a special one. Once we were done and let the food 

settle in , we grabbed out coats and set off for the Empire State building , todays the day I become the luckiest man 

alive I thought to myself. As we're leaving Im feeling for the ring I put in my left pocket , thats when it hit me , during dinner I 

went to the mens room to make sure I had the ring on me and practice saying "will you marry me " in the mirror, I must've left the ring there.

I tell Elizabeth I forgot my wallet and that I'll be back . I sure wish I'd kissed her right then and there because no one told me

that I would never see thatbeautiful smile and those green eyes ever again. I crossed the street , I was so worried about the 

ring that I didnt notice the truck heading towards me . I remeber Hearing screetching breaks, Elizabeth calling out to me , and 

all the yells coming from the people around us, but what I remember most, was the cold whisper of the old mans voice saying 

"im sorry".




There it is again, my mental alarm clock. I woke up , not to my soft sheets , or to the sight of Elizabeth humming in her

garden, no .. I woke up to a doctor standing over me , "welcome back mr morgan" says the doctor. "who"? I say in a confused

voice ,confused because not only did I not recognize the name , I also didnt recognize the voice coming from my mouth.

"Phillip Morgan" says the doctor, thats your name" . I sink in my sheets , trying to make sense of all this , I become heserical, I ask where am I ,wheres Elizabeth , who are you people ! ,"

"Nurse! yells the doctor , all my rage gone when in walked Elizabeth , brown hair  , green eyes and all. "This is nurse Amanda Livings" she's going to inject you with something to calm you down. 

but i didnt need it. I was calm. Not the good calm , more like im completely lost and dont have the answers calm, the kind where you drop everything and stare into nothing calm because thats all you can do.

Thats when they tell me , 


My name is Phillip Morgan age 43, never married , no kids. I live in downtown philly, in a run down apartment building with no one but myself , im paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident 20 years ago, I've been diagnosed with lung cancer due to my heavy smoking . I was found on the floor of my apartment last year , I tried to kill myself by overdosing on pills. Hearing all this stuff about cancer , no wife, being paralyzed, trying to commit suicide and what hurt me the most was that 
Elizabeth never existed. A single tear dropped from my eyes. " Your cancer is still treatable mr morgan" says the doctor in a hopefull voice , thinking that the cancer was the reason for my sorrow . "dont cry , says nurse livings , we can treat it" says amanda. 


  "Its not the cancer , I said looking deep into her eyes.

" no ? then what she says with a fimiliar look, almost as if for a split second she remembered Issac.

I manage to crack a small almost invisble smile and said 

"We weresupposed to get married today."

Eventually I get sent back home, my real home . I think about my other life alot. I was dead , I was out , I think to myself ,

to be brought back here . Maybe god showed me a glimpse of whats waiting for me . Another chance perhaps, A second

opportunity to do it better . Maybe its his way of saying the grass is greener on the other side. 

 I've often heard stories about heaven and let me be the first to tell you they're all wrong , I know heaven and I know nurse Amanda Knows. We were there. 




Submitted: October 31, 2015

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