Deep Inside Of Me, Lies The Soul of Halloween

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Even though we don't celebrate "Halloween" in my country, I feel like as if I'm celebrating it deep inside of me...

Submitted: October 31, 2010

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Submitted: October 31, 2010



 Today is Halloween...

 It means much to you; but not for us in our country. Still, we have this soul deep inside of ourselves, hidden, ready to be confessed.

 The thing is, I just don't get it when people look at me as if I'm crazy whenever I tell them that I believe in vampires, ghosts and many other creatures.

 But when I look at them as if they're crazy whenever they say they believe in God, it'll be a minus for me with the others.

 They say there's the freedom for you to tell whatever you feel. Unfortunately, we can't. That's why I'm always confessing to my bedroom walls. However, I wanted to break my habits starting from today, 2010 Halloween...

 As it's Halloween, I think it's the exactly correct time to confess about my beliefs. Many of you won't like it; but I still want to believe that you'll be understanding to me.

 I don't believe in God because it doesn't make any sense to me. I really don't want to believe in such ego, who created people to tell how big he is. At least, that's what they're teaching us in our 40-minute-period religion class. Maybe, I don't want to believe in Muslims' God as Christians' God makes me feel closer to him. Just don't know why... That's what I feel.

 The other Gods I "believe" in are the mythological ones and Buddha. To tell the truth, as that's what I'm doing right at the moment in front of my computer, I actually don't believe in them. For the Hindu and Greek Gods, they seem close to me. For the Egyptian Gods, according to a book I'm reading, I think they were all priests from Atlantis. And for Buddha, I believe in his honorable intelligence.

 The real thing I believe in is nature. For all the things that surround me, I think they created themselves. I believe in science and any kinds of art, so they make "nature" which I exactly believe in...

 I also have some superstitions. I believe in any kinds of creatures as I also believe that we can't be alone in this very big universe.

 And I believe in Halloween. It's a great holiday to celebrate. I wish we had one like this one. Wearing costumes, organising parties, collecting candies... Well, that's life!

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