That video game guy episode 1 - Mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land review

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Strcipt for my new video.

Mario kart is probally the most sucsessfull mario spin offs of all time and is incridbly addictive. It started with SNES and than ever since then nintendo has packeged a brand new mario kart game and of course with the brand new 3DS nintendo released mario kart 7. This game is phenomal and in my opionion it is the best of the whole franchise. For one thing it is in 3D witch is awesome! There is nothing like having turtle shells fly up in your face at the heat of battle. Also the graphics are fantastic and is the first of the 8th generation consloes followed by the ps vita but that things FUCKING SUCKS so much so I'll talk about it later. When you start the game you get an option of 3 things to. One is an online play where you can have a race with anyone all over the world! Than we got a local muliplayer game mode where you can compete with your freinds in the same room and than finally we have got the single player mode. Here we can find coin battle, ballon battle, time trials and the gran prix and if you have played the mario kart made for the first DS you will right at home because nothing has really changed in terms of control. Also in the grand prix there are 3 types of choices. A 50cc cup race witch is piss easy. A 100cc cup race where it is at normal difficulty and finally a 150cc cup race witch is fucking hard as shit! When you have selected what you want to do then you have you can pick and customize your own cart. A new things in this game is that you have parachutes and in certain places you can fly. Also with the 3DS new features you can use the gyro conroles where you moving the system in the direction you want to go and charter wil go there.As well as all that there are many new race tracks to try out such as shy guy bazer,daisy hills and wuhu island loop. It is also good o see the return of many classics such as rainbow road, mario circuit 2, walugi pinball and bowsers castle. All right time for the charter recall, we have got mario, luigi,peach yoshi,bowser, DK,toad you know all the classics. But we have got some new unloackable charters such as wiggler, shy guy, roselina and honey queen. Dont ask me who the fuck honey queen is. Well thats all I have got to say so mario kart 7 and if you got a 3DS and havent even tried this game you are missing out!.


Up next is super mario 3D land the first mario game to be in 3D and you think that it is anyhting like the original the gameplay has been totally revamped and fells more like super mario 64 than anything else because it aint a simple side scroller and you move around in the 3 dimension. This game is amazing the plot is that you have to save peach yet again and save the musroom kindom. Also the star medals are back and they are essential in this game because you need them to acsess certain levels and progree futher into the game. Also is shows the return of the greates power up in mario 3, thats right the tannoki suit. with this power up you can fly and hit enimies with your tail. Also there is the bommerang suit where you can defeat and collect itmes by throwing your boomerang. A cool thing is if you go to world five dash 2 the zelda theme song appears. The one after you complete a puzzle. At first the game may seem very easy but as is progresses it gets harder and harder. The graphics give you a supreme demesrtaion of wht th 3DS could do and whe you get to the final level fighting bowser, just wow. It i fucking awesome. The music is incribly good and your hight up underneath lava. Also the game has cut scenes withc are rare in mario games. But after you complte the main game there is the after game refered to the special world where there is 8 more worlds to try out. Theese levels are really hard nut there so fun that you dont wanna give up.This game is great and everyone shuld get this game.

So I hope you like this review and next time I'll be reviewing sonic 2006

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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soory for bad spellings I was rushing to finish it

Fri, March 30th, 2012 10:40am

Connor Gormley

Yeah!!! review the crap out of those games!!! and make sure you pummel the crapness out of that damn sonic game!

Wed, May 9th, 2012 5:41pm


Mr Dildo

Tue, May 22nd, 2012 9:24pm



Sun, June 3rd, 2012 12:49am

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