Pray for Peace

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I wrote this poem after hearing about the London riots. This poem is for all of those who have been affected and I hope the light will shine on you as the sitaution may change in the future.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



Tottenham was once a peaceful town, now it is a scene of violence and hatred.

A scene of frightened people has now become stronger than ever.

To those who took part whatsoever;

Have shown that they are never clever.

A death of a much-loved man, so many questions unanswered;

As people fell shocked and distressed

When the riots broke out.

Police have tired to bring peace as much as they could,

But the rioters fought back, injuring others along the way.

People helped others as they should,

But fear then turned to shock as rioters threw bombs and fireworks at everything they saw.

After Tottenham, the rest of London followed,

As the city crumbled into ruin and was left wallowed.

MPs call for justice and to bring peace again,

As the city turned into a battlefield and we haven’t seen the sadness of the rain.

So, pray for peace and pray for justice,

Instead for violence and injustice.

Keep strong wherever you are

And maybe one day, the situation may change.

© Copyright 2017 Bernadette Frances. All rights reserved.