Sisters - A tritube to all older or younger sisters

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This poem is based on relationships of any person who has had or has a sister.

I delcare this poem to my own sister because I believe she is kind and loveable to all of us.

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



A sister is kind and special,

A sister is a person to look out for.

Having a sister feels wonderful,

Because I know it is true.


Sisters can be old,

Sisters can be young.

Sisters believe in faith, trust and love.

Sisters will stand by you, whatever move you will make.


Sharing hobbies or caring about others,

A sister is a voice that speaks in your heart.

Loving and supporting one another,

Sisters never walk away from your mind or your heart.


Telling stories or singing songs,

Sisters can smile and shine brighter than the stars.

One day, lives will go on,

But sisters never give up on each other and remember us in our hearts.


Over the rainbow and beyond the universe,

A world can feel cruel and miserable on your own.

Sisters are angels, who protect you and send messages from above,

And will help you guide your way home, soon.


To me, I never understood what a sister was,

Now I do know and I believe in her.

My sister is never too old to stand.

She is the only woman who has inspired me and helped me to understand.



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