The Treasure of Christmas

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This poem inspired me when I went to see a pantomime production of Beauty and the Beast when Beauty’s mother always said to her:

“There is always something precious that you admire. Sometimes you have it let it go but it will always come back to you if it was yours to begin with”.

This is a time when everyone comes together during the festive season of the year but it really doesn’t matter how many presents you have, or how much money you spend for everyone because Christmas is a time were you have family time and fun.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



The Treasure of Christmas



A treasure you keep can lead to your hearts desire,

But prices don’t come cheap, with ointments that you admire.

Money is tight; morning turns into nigh,

Presents can always excite but some are invisible to the eye.

A present is always the one, who you love,

The one who you have always trust and always think of.

Money isn’t everything and a joy to bring,

Prices are high even when there is no blue sky.

Listen to your heart and listen to your soul,

Listen to the ones you love, with pride and joy.

Hear of what they have to say and that will be the day,

Learn the mistakes of the past, and achieve the targets that’ll make the goals.

Something precious will always keep your desire,

Letting go can bring you pain and aching fire.

Though it can be hard to let go, the one you love will always come back too,

Only if from the very beginning, this treasure is yours rather than someone who is winning.

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