Deja Vu.

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Strange feelings of having relived this at some other time or place.

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



Deja Vu.

Have you ever had that feeling that you are being watched? The hairs on the back of my neck were actually bristling, I felt most uncomfortable indeed. Standing up I turned round and pretended to stretch. In this way I had a good view of those behind me and on my left and right hand side. I could see no one, but the feeling persisted. It was then that I saw the new video camera’s that had been installed. I was for some reason under surveillance. I decided to take no notice and read my newspaper from cover to cover.


This all took place a month ago at the railway station in London. Kings Cross, I was waiting to take the train to Leeds in middle England. In Leeds I had heard of a family that were selling Fairy things, I must admit I was curious to see what was being offered as Fairy goods. I had read about the offer on the Internet and was really taking a chance going all of the way to Leeds on what after all might be a wild goose chase.


The train left the station on time and I settled back in my seat and closed my eyes trying to sleep through what otherwise promised to be a boring journey. Do not get me wrong I have done the journey so many times that the passing scenery I had seen on many other occasions did not interest me.


The compartment door opened and in slipped a man that took a seat near the window. I pretended to be asleep and made no move to make conversation. The feeling of being stared at came back much stronger now and I opened my eyes a little to peer at the man that had entered the compartment. I did not know him but something about him warned me to be on my guard.


Later the conductor came along and asked for our tickets. I took mine from my cap where I had put it for safekeeping and the other man in the compartment also gave his ticket to be punched and the conductor moved on to the next compartment. The magic journey took only a few seconds but I was not prepared for it and it took me by surprise. I was not in the train any more but walking along a road in Leeds. Passing a shop I had an even bigger surprise. I happened to glance in the shop window. I was now Shamus my Leprechaun friend.


I was even dressed as Shamus with an Irish oak shillelagh in my hand. A shillelagh is an Irish cudgel used both as a walking stick and as a weapon of defence. Over my shoulder I had a rucksack. I wondered why Her Majesty had turned me into Shamus. I was soon to find out, I came to the house where Fairy objects were to be had and went to the front door and knocked.


A woman opened the door and I explained to her that I was interested in Fairy objects. The woman asked me in to the house led me through a long dark corridor until we reached a room that was full of so called fairy objects, Most of the things that she had for sale she had obviously made herself and had nothing whatsoever to do with Fairies.

I looked around the room and saw in a corner a small dolls house. Looking at the doll’s house very carefully I saw that the front of the house could be opened. This I did and saw that in each of the rooms was a fairy, Each Fairy looked so real that I knew I would buy the dolls house. The woman drove a hard bargain but I bought the house for three pieces of gold that I found in Shamus’s pocket. I paid the woman and put the dolls house in Shamus’s rucksack. I turned to walk out of the room back down the long dark corridor when Shamus’s shillelagh sprang out of my hand and went over my head and I heard the blow as the shillelagh caught the woman's hand in which she held a nasty looking knife.


The knife fell to the floor and I kicked it away into a corner of the corridor. I walked quickly to the door and saw the man that had shared the compartment with me coming down the street. I watched him as he opened the front door. He took no notice of me and I carried on, on my way to Leeds railway station. I looked back and the couple were following me. Then another change and I was now a young man that did not look like shamus a bit.


The couple walked past me and I carried on to the station. The train to London was waiting at the platform and I entered and sat myself down. The man and woman were now in the train going from compartment to compartment obviously looking for Shamus. I last saw them as the train slowly left the station on its way to London. It happened once again I was now changed back into my own body and felt a sigh of relief. Then opposite me in the compartment was Shamus who told me this story.


Shamus had in his sleep a dream which showed that I was in danger. The man in London that had been watching me through the video camera’s was going to stop me from going to Leeds. He did not want me to buy the dolls house and set the fairies free. Neither the man or the woman could possibly know that shamus had, had this dream and reported it to the Fairy Queen, Feeana. The Fairy Queen was with me right through the journey. As she thought it necessary she had changed me first into Shamus then into a strange young man to fool the man and woman and keep me safe. It was her Majesty that had caused the shillelagh to spring over my head and save me from the knife attack by the woman.


I was pleased that Shamus had the dream he had saved me from a nasty situation through his deja Vue of the attack on my person. At Home in my own house Shamus, Her Majesty and I opened the front of the dolls house and with a wave of her wand Her Majesty freed all of the Fairies that were in the dolls house


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