The Problem With Marco...

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This Was Originally Gonna Be A Novel, As Anyone Who Read It on My Old Account Would Know.
Imma Thinking Maybe I MIGHT Continue It... Whatcha Think?


Submitted: November 02, 2009

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Submitted: November 02, 2009



I could feel myself drifting, deep into his big brown eyes. How could I have fallen for him so hard? We’d only known each other a few weeks. Marco smiled at me, totally oblivious to what i was feeling. He took a bite of the chocolate covered strawberry he was holding and the slowly licked the chocolate off his fingers. My heart did a back flip. He looked up at me and smiled his cute smile, flicking his hair as he did so. I felt myself blush as i thought about getting up the courage to do it. To kiss him. I knew that i was going red. How could he not notice? Maybe he didn’t feel the same way.

A memory slowly drifted to the front of my mind. It was one of the few moments when me and my mum had really understood each other. At the time, I was 14 years old , and about half way through year ten. There was a new boy at school and i had a major crush on him. Gorgeous blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, and a personality that shone brighter than my little cousins night-light. Alex, his name was. I’d been fretting about whether or not to ask him out, and had made an extremely big deal out of a little situation. I’d sat there at the breakfast counter, sick with worry about whether or not he liked me in that way, and my mother had given me the best piece of advice that I had ever heard. "You’ll never know if you don’t try, Emily"

That had been three years ago now. She’d been right of course. Okay, so he had said no, because he had a girlfriend back in Liverpool... but if I hadn’t asked and he HAD liked me, then I would of missed out on a hell of a lot. So far, mum’s advice had always been right. I didn’t see why now should be any different. Somewhere through the haze of my thoughts, I could hear Marco talking. I couldn’t make out the words, but he sounded happy enough. I absent mindedly took a bite of a chocolate covered strawberry and chewed on it solemnly, thinking about what could go wrong if he thought of me only as a friend. Marco suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

"Emily?" I heard him call my name and I looked up at him. I ignored the feeling in my stomach which said not to kiss him, and mentally prepared myself to make my move. "Emily, are you feeling okay?" Sure, I was feeling okay. For now. I nodded and smiled at him, hoping that I could fool him. Just long enough for me to make myself go through with it. I went to lean in towards him, ready to feel his lips on mine. It was what i’d been dreaming of all week, and finally it was going to happen. I noticed that he was already leaning in towards me. Oh My God. He was going to kiss me. I didn’t need to make the first move. I felt my body reacting to him as his face drew nearer to mine. I was so close that I could’ve counted every freckle on his face, if I’d wanted to. I marvelled at how beautiful he was, one last time and then, i kissed him.

It was like magic. As I brushed my lips against his, I felt a shiver travel up my spine. It was like an electric shock , and I wanted more. My whole body ached for Marco. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him again, more passionately this time. I let my tongue explore his mouth and closed my eyes, lost in the moment. I knew then that I was in love. For what seemed like hours, but must of only been a few minutes, we made out, right there, by my breakfast bar. Then, he pushed me away.

"I can’t do this Emily, I can’t be with you". I wondered if he could see the pain I was feeling when he told me that, reflected in my eyes. I could feel the tears welling up and I tried desperately not to cry. "Oh, Emily. Please don’t cry." I blinked away the tears and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. "Listen, I’m sorry I should of never let it get that far." He paced up and down the kitchen-diner, looking worried. "I can’t believe I kissed you. I shouldn’t of kissed you." Oh My God, I was so embarrased. I couldn’t of been more wrong. I should of known. Of course someone like Marco wouldn’t like me. I wasn’t good enough for him. I’d never be good enough for him. I heard a sob escape my lips. "Emily, please, don’t cry" I couldn’t help it. I just broke down. The tears were streaming down my face.

"Is it another girl? Do you already have a girlfriend?" I asked, stiffling my sobs. Marco looked shocked. He shook his head. "God, no." I was confused. if it wasn’t another girl, then why didn’t he like me? Was I really that bad? I voiced my concerns, wondering if we could still be be friends after this. A sad look came upon his face. "Emily, I promise you, you are honestly the most amazing girl I have ever met. You’re pretty, and funny, and smart and you always know how to make me laugh. There aren’t many girls like you." Now I was really confused. "Then, why won’t you be with me?" He looked up at me, the same sad look still upon his face.

"Emily, there’s something that you should know... I have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for six months... I’m Gay."

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