A Kiss of Heaven

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A motivating book of poetry about love, and the experience of a heavenly crossing.In this book Wilson's poetry shines a light and share the experiences of Heaven and love in compassion.










A Kiss of Heaven












































Copyright © 2014 by Bershanned Wilson

Ebook version

The rights to individual poems in this volume belong to the poet themselves.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or  transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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To the one, who never stop trusting in the Lord, dreaming, loving and looking for my first solo project.
Rosella Hopkins, Love.
May you  forever rest in peace.

















Love is a highly adored affection; a sought out emotion  of 
care and anticipation many crave for . Only once at a point in 
their lives will some find it so true. Receiving love requires giving love, and 
giving it unselfishly.

Thank you Jesus Christ.



Author and poet B.M.Wilson



















Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Romantic Touch...............................2
Sleepless Night.................................3
A Kiss of Heaven...............................4

  Chapter 2

Baby Get Better.................................5
Next Path...........................................6
What Can I say?.................................7
My Love..............................................8

Chapter 3

Make Me Fall.......................................9
So Close..............................................10
Good Things........................................11
My Heart Remains Opened..................12
















Chapter 1 of page 1





This is pure.
This is patience.
This is hope.
This is care, unmaintainable.
This is not boastful, in negativity.
This is not the envy of a jealous heart.
This is not pain.
This is something deep.
This is something remarkable.
This is something worth fighting for.
This is love.

















Chapter 1 of page 2


Romantic Touch

Rain drops, fall suddenly.
Puddles ripple without an earthquake sound.
He stands, waiting patently.
Soaked in a trench,
Looking like a tramp far at a distance.
Pasting side to side,
Still waiting for her.
An unforgettable touch;
His shoulders have come to know well.
A whisper in his ear, sweeter
Than her kiss.
The ‘hello’ by surprise needs no words
For its introduction, as he had pleasantly
Waited for her expecting her.
All this time, was suddenly not all this time.
For her skin was a glowing smooth, fresh surface,
 Perfectly wearing tears of joy.
Soft hands supported his neck; rolling his curls above,
As he lean for that kiss.
Thunder roars, as a warning to escape, the
Lightning on his way.
Hands quickly and securely lock,
Intertwined, as their breath becomes the warmth
 Of their dove like, souls on the short
Walk home.
With A Romantic Touch.











Chapter 1 of page 3

Sleepless Night

Without you I toss and I turn,
Without you I doubt and I turn,
Without you I sit and I turn,
Without you I frown and I turn.
With you I toss and I ‘m held.
With you I confess and I’m true.
With you I stand and I’m bold.
With you I laugh and I’m complete.
Without you, here, there are sleepless nights;
With you here, safe and sound, there is a piece of mind.
With you.








Chapter 1 of page 4


A Kiss of Heaven

Little angels flapping their
 Happiness around.
Little angels chasing their
Imaginations around.
Little angels sadden they frown.
Little angels talkative they become.
Little angels, friends they are.
Little angels, sharing; they do.
Little angels growing up;
on their own.
Little angels mocking each other, they show.
Little angel, cry she may.
Little angel, shy he is.
Little angels, apologetic they become.
Little angels, two alike they see.
Little angels kiss; oh they do.
Heaven sings for little angels,
Who kiss for
good like so.











Chapter 2 of page 5

 The Beauty of Reaching Over


Light beholds my soul.
it carries me over.
to that valley of a place,
 where all worries and doubts fade away.

To a place where mountain tops are reachable.
where home is beyond comfort.
let them sing songs of praises.
let the voices of creations so glorious,
echo through streets of gold.

A place where you can hear your name spoken so clear, even from around the tree corners.
no need to breathe, with my breath taken away.

The light has finally let me cast off a burden I held for so 
many tumultuous years.
Nothing vain, for that path has lead me here.
From a dark, cold world, into a warm place for my soul.

Let me reach over, I once said.
Now, I say, let me stay here forever , this he















Chapter 2 of page 5

Baby get better.

Baby get better.
Don't be blue.
There is so much more to life's little clue.
Baby get better.
 Don't frown.
There is so much you have grown from.
Baby get better.
Don't be mad.
There is a place where to have you, someone is glad.
Baby get better.
Don't be depressed.
There is a leveler to pick you right
 up to the heavens.
Baby get better and 
don't be who you're not.
There is someone who depends on you.
So baby get better.









Chapter 2 of page 6

Next Path

With each day, we can hear a song called.
With each day, we get better in his way.
Smarter, and more stable,
even when our eyes deny it in to our spirit.
Our little spirits of determination.
Along this walk. which some may fear.
we walk as examples for those without a 
candle before them.
For the next path, we shall take,
we don't just take it to be alone.
we take it to be his people.











Chapter 2 of page 7

What can I say?

What can I say?
When they come with the 
grateful greetings?
the grateful greetings of him?
I was thrilled!
That is what I was!
Thrilled to be excited.
Excited about his undying love.
What can I say?
that these people would come to me with such good news!
 Yes, I will follow him!
This knight you speak so much of!
To the cross?
Yes, I will follow him.
What can I say?
I mean after all,
What can I say?













Chapter 2 of page 8

 My Love

 So it is true, you can
annoy me so at times.
And it's true you can be unmovable.
It's true , that your words are loving , but 
they can hurt.
 You are the only one who makes me smile.
 You are the only one who 
can make me cry.
 So it is true, how you can see me so.
And it's true you can ask so much of me.
It's true, that you can comfort
me, when I need you.
It's true, you are like a jigsaw to solve.
You are the one who keeps me trying.
You are the one that makes me feel 
more, what you must.
You are the one I would chase, if you should ever 
It's true, you will stay no matter what.
It's true, you won't ever go.
It's true, you would leave your home to visit me.
It's true you would die  for me, 
even in my  dark ,selfish, heart.
It's true, you can change anything.
It's true, you have changed me.
And in all of this,
My love, you are the one I love more and more each day.














Chapter 3 of page 9


Make Me Fall

Every time I look into those eyes.
 I fall in love.
Like rivers of love, warm rushing
through streams of unhappiness.
 my spirit is revived.
it is renewed.
it is changed, it is made whole.
only because of you.

Every time , I see my faults, you make me 
fall down to change.
Change to what I thought I couldn’t
be until you found me.
As what I am.










Chapter 3 of page 10


So Close

So close to me.
So much you showed .
 So much, learned.
In so, there is inspiration out of such a bright spirit.
Like wise, shouts were always heard,
 a voice unforgettable, laughter, so natural  
as your father made it. 
So close and so simple did he promise
you would be.
So close to me 
We walk along. 
these memories will stay so close to me,
 while you stay in my heart living on through.
















Chapter 3 of page 11

Good Things

Good things are you.
Great things are true.
Great things could I become.
Wonderful words are filled in your mouth.
Powerful hands so gentle.
Gently they rock me.
Perfect attempts are your Judgment.
Awesome  creation lives in the Psalms of your hands.
 Love dwells in piercing eyes.
 Mercy is your gracefulness.
 Amazing are your deeds.
 Outrageously the eyes and thoughts of man,
marvel upon you.















Chapter 3 of page 13

My Heart Remains Open

No matter what is said.
My heart keeps running back to you.
 No matter how it is done.
No can never get enough of hearing you.
When the night winds beat against 
summers heart,
no matter what my heart just remains.
not a perfect heart, no, far from that you
seem to know.
Not an evil heart according to man,
I know.
And no matter what, you still say 
it's clear.
no matter what you say, my heart remains yours. 
No matter what.















Chapter 3 of page 14


A balloon of
Sent to one
greater than man.
A conversation of sanctification sent
to one pure and more clear than water.
The sanctification of
spiritual strength.
Sent to a father of kings of noble strength and little
 Boy of a unique and strange courage.
Spiritual strengths
within the ordained.
Please accept this confidential conversation between the poor
and the needy.
With a king almighty.
Please enlighten and open my selfish eyes.
So give and accomplish all within you.
Remove my fleshly desires and replace them with a mind,
Heart and spirit in your favor.


















About the Author

B.M.Wilson is an American poet who's work has been featured  in previous publications. Wilson, currently lives in  the U.S.A where she is working on her next publication.





















A Kiss Of Heaven

A motivating book of poetry about love, and the experience of a heavenly crossing.In this book Wilson's poetry shines a light and share the experiences of Heaven and love in compassion.A simple book of the love between God and man.




Submitted: December 19, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Bershanned Wilson. All rights reserved.

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