Cursed Prelude

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this is a sneak preview of the new story i'm working on

Submitted: December 26, 2009

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Submitted: December 26, 2009



It was a cold winter evening in Wimauma, Colorado. It had finally finished snowing as my mother was holding me I was only 6 hours old at the time but I remember everything. My mother had no choice but to give birth to me at home because of the snow storm. My father was in Afghanistan at the time he was a General in the Marines and was always away (even now). The door opened and my brother poked his head in to see what was going on with my mom and me. “Come here Alex and see your new little sister” my mother said to him. He smiled and ran over to the bed climbing up beside our mother. “What’s her name?” he asked looking down at me.
“Her name is Kiara” she answered him. I remember I laughed when she said my name but I never knew why or how I could know that that was my name.
“I wish dad was here to see her” Alex said he was holding his finger out to me and I grabbed it with my little hand (his hand was so much bigger than mine back then...can’t say that now though). He laughed when I grabbed his finger. I cried I was so hungry I felt like I wasn’t ever gonna get anything to eat. My mother smiled and told Alex “can you go and get me the bottle of formula that’s in the microwave.”
Alex nodded and jumped off the bed running to the kitchen. He appeared a moment later and handed the bottle to my mom. She offered the bottle to me and I went to it like a fly to honey. I was so hungry and I drank the formula so fast I didn’t notice my body changing. I only first realized it when my mother gasped and took the bottle away from me and I heard Alex say “what’s wrong with her momma?”
“She has the curse” is all my mother said to answer his question and gave the bottle back to me. That is how my cursed life began….

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