Elite Chaos X

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A time travel story, with a dark adventure.

Submitted: September 13, 2014

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Submitted: September 13, 2014



Chapter 1: Past In Peril

The day is Tuesday, the year is 2014,it is raining and the sky is sparkling with blue arrays. In a small town of Suana in the country of Japan, lives a small population of 10,000 citizens. In this busy  noisy town, a large shopping complex exists. At precisly 1.20pm a small bolt of blue lightening hits a concrete surface near a waste bin. The lightening forms into a different shapes till it is a figure, a shape of a human. This human figure which has been formed is a man dressed in a strange dark material, with a hood and dark white metal arms. This man is called Apollo. 

Apollo has come from the year 3014. He is the leader of the Blue Angels, the largest terrorist organisation known to planet earth. They are known for their destruction, the pain they cause and the thousands they massacre. The Blue Angels kill anyone who gets in thier way, or kill anyone who does not like thier way. Apollo the leader of the Blue Angel, sees him self as a revolutionist, the saviour of human kind. He belives his way must be accepted or none at all. He is known as a  brutal, murderous, savage.

Apollo has travelled back in time, he is on a vey special mission. Apollo opens up his metal hand, and he looks at his glazing watch, the time reads: 1.25pm. He looks ahead beyond him, he sees a large shopping complex. It is buzzling with happy children running around, old folks laughing, walking down the path while holding hands. Suddenly something catches the eye of Apollo, and this puts a smile on his face. A young man in a dark blue business suit, walks towards Apollo. Apollo drops the watch from his metalic palm elegantly. The young man walking towards Apollo sees the watch fall on to the concrete floor. He quickly picks it up and looks up. " Hey you dropped.. you watch"  the strange smiling man has gone. 

This young man is called Illias, he looks at the watch, he puts a suprised face on for a moment, he thinks " What type of watch is this? Hmm well I guess he does not want it, I will give it to the charity shop, might be worth something".

Illias walks down the road, 10 miniutes later Illias suddenly feels a vibration in his right hand, it is the watch. Illias looks again at the watch " Whats going on? Its vibrating?, how is this possible 0.0 ".  Illias pushes the watches red button, trying to stop it from vibrating. However the watch vibrates intensly and goes forward in time. " What the hell?". Startled Illias watches as everything around him goes faster. He then touches the red button again in panic, the time on the watch stops going forward. 

Moments later, another strike of blue lightning hits a nearby building in an enclosed alleyway. Close to where the other strange human was formed. Immediatly a new human figure is formed .This new human is called Best. Best has also come from the year 3014, he is the leader of ECX, the future resistance. Best slowly opens his eyes, and looks straight ahead. He sees a man with metal arms and dark black silk clothing. Best puts an angry face on. It is Apollo, he is smiling and then suddenly dissapears in a flash. Best sighs, and under his breath says coldly " Im too late".

End of Part 1


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