Why be someone else when I can be "me" ?

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Well, being someone is quite cool or pretending to be, but being me is ever more cooler!

Submitted: August 04, 2010

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Submitted: August 04, 2010



Why be someone else when I can be ME?

Yeah, why? though this question can easily be answered in some reasonable steps. Watch out!

1. You hate yourself but you simply love Kristen Stewart. Why not? she is so much more bautiful than you are.. is popular and cool. You want to be her. But nature made you different. So you try to change GOD's decision and make yourslef "her". You find out her likes and dislikes and stick by them. You find out her fashion sense, copy her. All too easy , wasn't it?

2. You feel boring. Kristen is good, alright, but you want to be "you". Your family and friends make fun of you and are tired of seeing a copy cat. Your life becomes a hell and you can't concentrate on any thing. You want to got o hill side suicide and blame Allah why he made you so uncool.

3. You miss you. You want to be real you. then what to do>??????

Why, it's as simple as that!

Be you. That's what I say to myself when I take liking to someone's character or looks. I say why be someone else when I can be me. Trust me, it helps a lot.

When you become yourself, life becomes more tolerable, friends are glad to see the real you and make the most of it. You are attractive because you are slef confident and trust yourself more than anyone excpet God of course.

Then you start to enjoy life's ups and downs and when you have grown out of being someone else's sensation you think you were a crazy freak and find yourslef ever so much better! TRY OUT IF YOU ARE IN THAT CRAZY SENSATION. LIFE HASN'T ENDED IF YOU ARE NOT SOMEONE ELSE BUT YOU. REALSIE YOU TALENT AND BE YOU!!!!


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