ENTER 2525: Connected Dreams

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An investigator is hired to solve a murder case involving a whole neighborhood of people. Murders happen only at 7:30pm and no evidence is left behind. The only thing that's left behind is a smear of blood on the walls. One victim is left, but in a coma. Will the investigator and his team find out who is the murderer?

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013




Enter 2525: Connected Dreams


Several cases of unexplained deaths have taken place around the neighbourhood just outside of Barrie, Ontario all at the exact same time of the day, 7:30pm and the method used to kill them is yet to be discovered. All that we have evidence wise is one of the victims still alive but in a comatose state. As soon as he wakes up we will interrogate him to the highest extents.


The victim has started to grow worse in condition. I fear that more of these unexplained deaths will continue to happen if we can’t figure out what’s happening right this instant. Hopefully his condition gets better for this whole case rests upon his shoulders to tell us what he saw.


The victims are still rising and still all we know is that they occur at 7:30pm. We have police officers watching the neighbourhood 24/7 and we still haven’t found a suspect or weapon. Dammit! This is getting really bad! That patient better wake up or the deaths will just keep climbing!


The neighbourhood becomes more vacant every week. Our surviving victim is finally starting to show signs of waking up so that’s good. I’ve been camped out in this shit hole for a week now and I want to go back to my family but I have to put money on the table somehow. I’ll be happy when we find this wacko.


All the families have evacuated from the general area so now the investigation team can search more thoroughly through all the houses. We suspect that the  guy we’re looking for is somewhere close… very close, he has to be right under our noses in order to work so quickly, must do it on foot, must be a fast runner, must be good at hiding… hiding… yes. I haven’t slept in three days.


I’m starting to get used to the dark, desolate, vacant streets of this tiny neighbourhood. The victim has woken up today so I’ve heard. I’ve been too busy to check because I’ve been searching… looking… for nothing in particular. Heh, I just found something. Lots of blood. Blood like ink or ink like blood. I’m not sure. The only thing I know is that it’s not my own. So that’s good. Stay optimistic. I feel this case might be the end of me.


I interrogated the victim for four hours today. Almost killed the slimy little bastard too. He didn’t give me what I wanted. All I got out of him was a bunch of random screams and some pointing at the wall behind me. I just saw a glimpse of my death. This may be the last time I write. I can almost feel myself being stared down as we speak. My team’s dying. I can feel it.


I see a glimpse of my end. It’s all over the walls of this house. It’s sticky and smells like an old friend. I wish things wouldn’t die so easily. It’s right behind me with it’s dark outline and a mask of flesh covering it’s face. I can tell it’s smiling at me because I know it’s there. I feel so light and dizzy, a headache that could kill a man is pulsing through me. It feels like there’s something crawling under my skin. I love it.

I know who did it. It was HAALLYY BBOOYY!! Hally’s a murderer. He is owing me an apology. Hally boy! The mouth that talks spoke words of HALLYY BOYY! And now my time has come to keep this information in grasp and not let it out until the end. It iss my job now, I’m the keeper of the name. I spread it all over the sticky room’s walls today. The walls were especially sticky this evening. They reek of the friends that gave their lives to help me, the chosen one. I am god! I’m the keeper of the name! HEHEHEHEH. HE’S THE KILLER! NOT ME! HE DID IT!


The blood flows from the name of the arm that is mine. HE is my arm now. My arm is him. If my arm is him than who am I? I must name myself in order to keep the justice! I will have many names! Dammit! The bad man has found me! But I have found Hally boy! He is my arm! I must go now for I have become justice and found the murderer.


Victim’s Statements (from interrogation):


The end is near! Help Help! Save the world! The bad man is me!


Relay. Reallyrelayreallyreallyrelay. Message.


Run from the Water! The water will ice you!


Tomorrow will come and you will be replaced.


The CLOWNS HAVE COME!! They will clown you in the eyes!


The dreams eat the people! They the people eat!


Last investigator pulled from itchy red house clenching tiny itchy red book! Readbookrun! Very important itch!


Murderer still a big one!


Organizing 52!


News Headline:



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