Confessions of Your Worst Nightmare

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It's your own fault, you know. You gossiped about me and you lied to my face. Normally, you wouldn't be worth my time, but it was awful tempting and I was sick of being walked all over. So, the end result was messing with your head with your twin brother. (This is just a super random post I decided to do in the middle of the's not supposed to make sense I guess...I don't know ha ha)

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



To begin with, I just want to say I'm usually a pretty calm laid back person. I usually let something as silly as your comments slide right past me, and I'd never look back. Here's the catch. You hate your brother and you have no reason to. I feel sorry for him, that he has to spend his days with you.

You're so cruel. You wish you were the only one born that day, you think he's some kind of mistake. And you know something? Maybe your parents really do like him better, maybe they do have favorites, maybe you have a right to hate him. But that gives you no reason to be bitter.

Why do you do what you do to me? Do I remind you of him. Is it just another reminder? Well, let me tell you what Princess, I've had enough and I've been planning my revenge. Here's the thing; you're brother's in on it too, well kind of.

Are you ready?

He's standing next to me and you glance over. I smile and you give me one of those looks that screams "I'm too good for you". So, you basically begged me, pleaded me. I turned to your brother and I tug at his shirt, pulling him down into a swift kiss. Just quick but I can feel your eyes burn holes into my flesh. When I pull away from him I look at you to make sure you've seen and I see you mouth "slut" at me. I flip you off for good measure, because I can, and skip away.

When I arrive at school word has gotten around about what you think of me. I don't care. In fact I just ignore it, I know it's making you mad, me not caring. I know you can't stand it.

You're brother stops me in the hallway.

"Have you heard?"

"Heard what?" I smile.

He raises an eyebrow and looks at me in disbelief.

"Yes, I've heard." I tell him.

"You don't care, obviously." he points out.


He stares at me a long time, trying to read me, trying to figure me out.

"Why'd you do it?"

"Which part?" I ask.

"Kiss me?"

Well, I could just answer with the same excues I've been using this whole time. I could say to get revenge on you're sister, which don't get me wrong is completely true, but there's something else.

"Her pissing me off gave me a chance and I took it."

"I see."

"But you kissed me back." I say slyly.

"You kissing me gave me a chance too."

"Revenge is sweet."

"Yes, revenge is very sweet." he says and kisses my lips lightly.

And so we killed two birds with one stone. You don't relialize it but you gave us all the right reasons. We get to piss you off and kiss whenever we want.



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