Letter To: The One I Don't Need Anymore

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Here are just some feelings of mine thrown down, which I'll revise later.

Submitted: May 09, 2007

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Submitted: May 09, 2007



To: You

I know there are tens of hundreds of love poems and stories that could better sum up what I have to say to you than how I'll say it, but I need to say my words. The way I felt about you tore me apart from the inside out. It slayed me because I'd always said that I was too young for that, so I tried and succeeded to distance myself just a little from every guy and treat them like friends. I never expected you to come along. You tore down my "guys are just friends" barrier without even realizing it. At first, I thought it was love at first sight. But now I know better. I know how you feel about her, and how I'll never compare, and how I'm just that girl sitting in the corner that you occasionally glance at while you're on your way to looking at her. The thing is, you know as well as anybody that she would never give you the time of day, and I would've relayed it to you down the the very milisecond.

And now that I've moved on, and got myself a boyfriend, I've been told that you're getting jealous. That really is sticking the knife in and twisting it. I used to think you were smart and funny and perfect. Now I realize that you're shallow, and you're just like all the other guys I distanced myself from. You still like that one girl, as well as three of her friends and another girl, and now you're starting to realize what I would've done for you. And what really topped it all was when you told your friend to ask me out for you. So I told him Tell him he's too late, just like usual.

My message to relay to you is that Life Is Tough, but I bet you've already figured that one out, when you asked the five girls you like out, and they all said something along the line of Um, hell no. So, is life tough enough yet? Does it bother you that you're the one falling, not me? Does it bother you that nobody likes you anymore? I hope it does. Actually, I know it does. Since we're going to the same high school, I guess I'll always have the chance to watch you lose the things you need most.


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