Never look out a window at night

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What was it?until this day the figure still remains unsaid,i cant quite put my finger on it, but that night was sure to hold a lot of mysteries..

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



Never look out a window at night
If I had to describe my experience in 1 one word, I physically couldn’t. The emotions, discomfort, unnerving and bloodcurdling feelings all struck me at once which is totally indescribable. This is true story about me seeing an unsuspected figure out of my bedroom window one autumn night.  
Going back to when I was just 9 years old, daily routine of going to school, coming home, chilling, dinner bath and bed. This was just an ordinary day and an ordinary night. As follows, that night I was all ready for bed, nothing was wrong and straight away fell asleep unknowingly to fall into my nightmare or was it?
It was about 3am and I mysteriously woke up for absolutely no reason in hand. At this time in my life I was a very wide-minded girl and yes, I believed in so called ghosts. Every night I would fall asleep with my head under the covers thinking there was something/someone was watching me. This was the same for a good 6 years of my life.  But anyway, as I woke up with my head still under the covers I noticed this feeling wasn’t normal, why would i wake up? I was laid on my right side facing the wall and with my left hand I lifted up the covers slightly making a little peep hole to look at my alarm clock, this is how I knew the time. My single bed was next to the window and it was starting to get lighter, still dark but very dim, I could hair the birds tweeting softly but I still lay under the covers. This is were it starts to get weird. Seconds after I had like an automatic response or urge to sit up in bed, I would of never have done this even if this was a normal night but I just did it anyway, it was a such a strange feeling. As sat up in bed I glanced around my room once, my insides were terrified but my body was determine. I had no control over what I was doing, if it was my choice will be trying to get back to sleep under those covers. Still sat up my body leant up to my knees and leant over to peer out the window, why the hell would I do this? I was now looking out on to my back garden and this is when I witnessed the figure.
I could see over to next doors garden, it was a very low fence dividing the two. My garden was very simple, a path, a pond, and a few flower beds all in good neat shape.  But a next door was oddly different in a simple way. They had a concrete path leading up to the top of the garden through the centre and weeds along with flowers either side on the two half’s of grass. It was all over grown, dry and messy with an old watering can lying within the high grass. The thing that stood out very passionately was the metal arch frame at the start of the path. It was old fashioned and had dried thorns weaved in and out around the curved frame. It stood there within the moon and sun light rising. The lady who lived next door was in her late sixties and I had knew her since I was a young girl living up on that street and she never caused no harm, just an average lady.
So there I am looking out my window, suddenly my eyes attached to next doors garden. No idea why. I found myself staring, and then noticing that figure standing in the garden. What an odd thing I know but guess where it was standing? Right under that old arch of forbidden questions that lay dead in that moment of time. I came face to face with the figure, the eyes glancing up at my bedroom window. Just standing there like it was waiting for answer. But my emotions were dead, I just stared at it.
The figure was an old lady. She was Big boned, curly grey hair and in a skirt if I can rightly remember. She was grey, like a faded colour and hard to see but she was indeed there. We spent a moment of severe eye contact and then I sensed that this was time to leave. Leave what? I was kneeling on my bed but before I knew it I slowly backed off still staring at the lady and laid back down into my bed pulling the covers over me on last time. Why next doors garden? I fell straight to sleep. It sounds really bazaar when I read this back but every moment was true.
 This is the conclusion of the story, you see when I woke that morning I couldn’t remember a thing, it only accrued to me a year after the event. I just randomly remembered it on a normal day. And ever since I have been thinking about it for years. This doesn’t normally happen to people nor did I think it would to me. Here is the cherry to the cake. That lady I saw, I could have sworn was my grandmother, boom now your thinking this story is lame. But 2 year before the occurrence, the grandmother I had seen died then, because I was I young I didn’t really understand the whole situation ever since I have been terrified of looking out of windows at night. Until today, this is one of the stories I tell my friends when speak of our experiences. I decided to right about this to express my feelings and get it off my chest, but a few months I had another scary sighting but at a friend’s house which I shall write about in another story. If anyone has any experiences like this, I’d be interested to know, thanks for your time. And be careful, you don’t know what’s out there.

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