It Shouldn't Have, But It Did

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Contest Entry for Flannery!


Authors Note:

This is a contest entry for FlanneryChallengesYou!


~Kaelyn's P.O.V~

"What's up?" I ask walking beside my boyfriend Ansel holding his hand. He doesn't look too happy right now. To fill in the silence I say, "Earth to Ansel...hello?" Waving my hand at his face.

"Babe, I don't want to talk...okay?" He says and looks straight ahead.

"Ansel, what-" 

"Can you just shut up, Kaelyn. I reminded you so many times that you shouldn't argue with me! Now, I'm being nice and I'm dropping you off to your house."  

Oops. I forgot that Ansel has anger issues. I even have a few scars to prove it. But I know that deep inside of him he is a good guy. 

"Okay." I simply say.


~Ansel's P.O.V~

"Bye, babe. See you." I wave and smile as Kaelyn shuts the door to her house. I start walking back to my house. Around the corner, I see a McDonalds and go inside. I order a Big Mac, quickly eat it then walk back to my house which is just 2 minutes away.

I walk up to my front door. I live alone so no one is inside to greet me. My parents died in a train crash 2 years ago, and I'm the only child. I do have a few Aunts and Uncles and some cousins that visit me sometimes. Kaelyn and some friends from school come by once in a while too. But most of the time I'm alone. I hang up my coat, it was freezing here in Toronto. 

I run up the stairs to my room and watch some t.v. My favorite show Spongbob Square Pants is on. I am 19 but that doesn't mean I can't watch this show. After watching some t.v there are some missed calls. I forgot that I put my phone on silent mode.

All 3 of my missed calls are from Kaeyln. She is my girlfriend but she annoys me a bit.


~Kaelyns P.O.V~

"Hi Mom! So glad your home. Long day at work?" I say as I take off my shoes in the front hall of my house.

"Hey sweetie. Yeah, Kinney said to take a break for the holidays. How was your date with Ansel?" My Mom (Amy) says running out of the kitchen with a huge smile plastered across her face. 

"That awesome boss of yours is so nice. I remember when I was small Kinney would always give me a lollipop every time I used to visit you in your office....and the date was amazing."

"C'mon more details. Honey,  now sit down and spill it!"

"Well, it was kind of romantic how he dressed up a bit. I mean he was wearing jeans but he tucked in his shirt and all. Then, after we were done eating we just went out for a walk. Now I'm here. Happy?" 

"Sounds like you had a great time! Now go get washed up and then come down for some dinner." 

"But mom, I already ate." I whined.

"You have to eat." Mom said. 


I run up the stairs, rip off my un comfortable, too tight dress which I wore on purpose so it would hype up Ansel a bit. You know what I mean. Put on some p j's and get on my bed. I get my iPhone and decide to call Ansel. I try 3 times but he is not picking up. Maybe he just put it on silent mode.


~Ansel's P.O.V~

I decide to call Kaelyn back, because I know she will get worried. The phone rings and she finally picks up.

"Hello?" She says.

"Kaelyn why the hell did you call so-"

"I just wanted to talk to you, you know like-"

"Whatever, I don't want to talk right now. See you at school." I hang up.

I kind of feel bad that I hung up on her, but she was being an ass. She was getting on my nerves lately and I was abusing more and more. I don't like it when I abuse her but she is so helpless that it's too easy to do it. Kaeyln always has fear in her eyes when she makes eye contact with me at school or anywhere. But I don't care. She was good looking and that's why she is my girlfriend. I am in the Football team and I'm athletic, I also have the looks. 

I don't have much to do around at my house, so I just decide to sleep. I check my phone for the time. Wow, it's only 9:53 p.m and here I am sleeping. Who cares, tomorrows school and I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m.


~Kaelyn's P.O.V~

I didn't like the way Ansel hung up on me. I felt kind of depressed and lonely at this moment. Suddenly, I started crying. I know that Ansel is a good guy, and he knows it too.

*The next day at school*

As soon as I got off the bus, I ran into the hallways to find Ansel. As soon as I spotted Ansel I immediately regretted it. There he was making out with Sophie Sanders, hottest and most popular girl in school who I hated. Tears started building up inside of me, but I just bit my lip and found the courage to walk up to him.

"If you didn't know Sophie, Ansel is my boyfriend." I say a little to loud. 

Sophie gives me a disgusted look then says, "Look who it is. It's the one and only...Kaelyn."

"Shut up, Kaelyn. Sophie I'll see you later." Ansel smiles at Sophie as she walks away then glares at me. 

"Who the hell do you think you are? I'll see you at my house at 6:00 p.m sharp. Even a minute late, you don't want to think about it." 

I feel like I've been whipped at my heart. It breaks to a million pieces. I know what I'm excepting at his house at 6:00. And it's not going to be pretty. 


~Ansel's P.O.V~

After school I wait until it's 6:00. Kaelyn better not disappoint me. I'm very depressed and I need something to take my mind off of it. I text Kaelyn:

Be here by 5:00

She will come here at 5:00. I look at the time and it's 4:34 p.m. By the time, I just eat some cookies and watch t.v. 

It's 5:00 and I hear a knock at my door. I open the door and there is Kaelyn who is so hopeless standing there. 

"Come in." I say then I go to the basement. She follows me. I have everything set up, my whip, a knife and some other tools. 

"I'm sorry that-"

"Shut up. Take off your clothes." I demand. She takes off her clothes slowly and hesitantly. 

"Now lie down on the table. This will only last 5 minutes, and you know the drill." I get the whip as she lies down. I set the timer for 5 minutes exact so I don't hit her too less or too much. 

"Okay...starting.. now." I start whipping her on her back, then her ass last but not least her feet. She winces and screams a lot. After 5 minutes I say, "Babe, promise me not to interfere with my business ever again. Then there will be no more whipping and any of this shit." 

"O-okay...I p-promise..." She says in a barely audible tone. 

"Give me a kiss now babe." She doesn't move a inch. I just harshly pull her up and rest her on my lap. Then I start kissing her and my tongue slips in too. I rub her back and she winces which causes her too fall back. 

"Babe, you don't want to kiss me anymore. Okay. Let me drop you off to your house. Okay?"


She puts her clothes on and I stare at her. That body is just amazing but what a shame she has such a shitty mouth. 


~Kaeyln's P.O.V~

*5 years later*

I'm finally 23 years old and engaged to Ansel. I remember just 5 years ago how he used to hate me so much. I can't believe that he abused me too. But he turned out amazing. I honestly didn't know and would have never thought that I would get married to a guy who abused me when I was a teenager, But I would never think of him doing that to me, he is such a gentleman and turned out to be such an amazing businessman. In the next 3 or 4 years I will even have a baby with him. I can't imagine that the past with him was so painful and I felt like dying at some part. But I held on and I'm still alive. I will try to forget the past and not hold a grudge on Ansel forever. I am married to him after all. 

Submitted: December 14, 2014

© Copyright 2021 BethanyBeckyBooks. All rights reserved.

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"Hi(,*) mom! So glad your (you're) home.."
"..up the stairs, rip off my un comfortable dress (uncomfortable), too-tight dress.."
"..She was (is) good looking and that is why she is my girlfriend.."
"..Who cares, tomorrow(')s school and I have to wake up at 6.00 a.m..."
"..I know what I'm excepting (accepting/ expecting?) at his house.."
"..winces, which causes her too (to) fall back.."
(* When you're talking directly to someone, be sure to use a comma before (and after ^) the noun, i.e. "I don't think that's a good idea(,) Sophie." "Tim(, ^) leave me alone!" "When you're not here, Lucy(, ^) the house feels so empty.") This was an interesting take on the subject. I didn't expect it to end as it did, but so long as he's not abusing her anymore, the relationship could work. It must be very hard to forgive someone after they put you through so much pain, so it's-- to an extent-- admirable of her to forgive him. Your dialogue was good, though maybe a little more description? Nothing too drastic, maybe just a few lines on their appearance, the surroundings, etc. The tenses changed a few times, so try and keep an eye on that: it seems mainly to be written from the present tense, so it may be easy to keep with that. Anyway, good job with this-- good luck in the contest :)

Sun, December 21st, 2014 7:49pm


Thank you so much for the feedback! I didn't know I had that many mistakes but I will try to change it asap! Thanks for reading :) xx

Thu, December 25th, 2014 10:34pm

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