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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sam the sugar plum fairy gets kicked out of her own home and put into a private school for substandard fairy's, to bad her new roommate Eva the vampire fairy is not making it any easier for her to fit in.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



Sam takes her time walking through the halls of her new school, she has never been to a school before. Her family was rich & she thought she'd never need an education until an "accident" made Sam cross the line. Two weeks before her mother announced that Sam would be going to a private school for substandared fairy's aka "The Dumb House." Confused of where to go, Sam though it might be best to go to the office and ask for help but  being dependent on other people, she was too afraid. She toke a look at the papers the orientation advisor had given her yesterday.

"Dorm Room 126." Sam wispered to herself.





There it was stood a straight metal door infront of her.

"I can do this." Sam told herself.

She placed the key inside the lock and turned it slightly, taking a deep breath while turning the knob.

"Hey! Who said you could come in without warning." Screeched someone inside.

"Sorry!" Sam Screamed back, quickly closing the door and ripping out the key.


Sam stood there, she could tell this was going to be a long 9 months. Taking anothe deep breath she knocked on the cold metal. A tall flawless girl with short brown hair, black lipstick, and a beautiful Red and Black dress with what seemed to be a cape flowing behind her.

"You must be Sam." The strange girl said. "I'm Evalyn, but I guess you can call me Eva." 

"Yes, uh hi." Studdered Sam

"When you must talk to me, you finish the sentance with my name! Is that clear?" Evalyn steamed

"Yes, of course Eva" Said Sam again nervously "May I come in,Eva?"

"Of course it's your dorm too, you know." Eva said nicely.

Eva turned and left, Sam took a step forward, it was a small, neat, freash smelling dorm. There stood a bunk bed on the back wall, with a bureau to the next palisade with preety hot pink curtains hanging on the windows. Eva was folding laundry.

"Make yourself welcome, but there are a few rules... For one, everything must stay neat and tidy, you never ever touch anything on my bed, and the left side of the closet... Is mine!." Evalyn said stearnly

"I understand...Eva." Replied sam

Evalyn ripped the bag from Sams hands, and threw it on the bed. Un zipped it and toke all of the clothing out of the sac and started hanging them on the hangers. Sam came over, Eva reached under the bed and pulled out a large box and started putting all of Sams jewlery and products inside.

"There! All finished." Evalyn said proudly as she hung up the last peices of apparel and slid the box inside on of the drawres inside the bureau. "After you finish placing th sheets on your bed, you can come down to the dining room for evening tea." Said Eva

"Great." Sam said sarcastically. "This is going to be harsh." wispered sam.


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