Love of a mother

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Love your mother infinitely.

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



The love of a mother. From the moment you are conceived, you know that there is someone special awaiting your precious arrival to the world. Someone who will love you despite all of your flaws and whose love for you is the most important gift of all. The person who will starve for you and dedicate their entire lives to you, just to ensure your health and happiness. This person will be there for you no matter what the circumstances are, and you know that you can always depend on them to smile. This is the person who brought you into this world, your dearest mother. Your mother who survived through a difficult nine month pregnancy and an even harder labour process, with the intentions of giving you their all. Your mother knows all the potential risks of having a child, but she also knows that the warm feeling in her heart when she sees your eyes twinkle is worth all of her struggles. Mothers are the most beautiful, kind-hearted, and caring people there are in this world. They lose sleep over your crying nights as a baby, and they know just how to make you feel better no matter what you're going through. It's that inseparable bond a child has with their mother that makes that love so strong. Mothers love their children even when they are defiant and unreasonable, and they always have room in their hearts for forgiveness. The effort they put into everything they do and the way they are ready to just drop whatever they're doing at any time to help you is remarkable. That patience and care that they have and their ability to nurture is something only a mother holds. The feeling of having someone to talk to at all times who is always ready to listen and help you is unexplainable. A mother is someone who always wants what is best for their child, and they live to give their child advice and wisdom. A mother's work takes more effort than any other job out there. Mothers deserve all the appreciation in the world for the work they do, while always having a smile on their face. That positive and uplifting personality that you will never forget. A mother is more than just a best friend... a mother is everything. Appreciate everything your mothers do for you and love them infinitely. -Bethany Sousa

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