The Storm of Blackbeard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A greedy pirate captain looks for an adventure for treasure, Trying to live up to her father's legacy. She is faced by many obstacles including two nosey twins. Will she get her treasure? Will an enchanted curse stop her? Will the duo annoy each other to death before the curse does?
Find out, and read...
The Storm of Blackbeard

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



The Storm of Blackbeard

“What a beautiful day,” said the captain.

Captain Sheila was setting sail with her crew.

“The word in town is that a storm is coming.” said one of the crew members.

“Yeah, and not just any storm. The Storm of Blackbeard! The biggest storm ever!” said another. “Legend has it that this storm devours those who steal it and give it to those who are worthy!”

“I’m not scared of any ole’ storm! We’re pirates, for goodness sake!” Sheila continued,”We’re out to steal the treasure that Blackbeard himself couldn’t get to!”

The crew cheered and cheered as they set sail. Meanwhile, Sheila sneaked to the bottom deck all the way to her room. Every inch of the wall was covered with paintings of chests of stolen gold or a few of the most well known pirates from the past. The floor was made of wood and carpeted with a quilt. It was silver and so clean it was as if it was glowing. Shining and glittering so much that the captain would see spots for a little while after. Her bed was covered with a blanket that was black with a white skull in the center. There were several tables and counters throughout the large room and each desk was covered with maps, constellations, and compasses.

“Blackbeard.” she said as she walked up to his painting,”They say you are the best pirate to ever be known by man. Blackbeard the Great, Blackbeard this and that. Well, now I will steal the one treasure you never could. Don’t even think about bringing that storm on your own daughter, Dad.

Adrian and Zelena, you have been ordered by King Oberon to find this treasure.” said a soldier as he showed a picture of a treasure chest, ”You two will use the map on the back of this page to find it.”

“What’s in the chest?” asked Adrian.

“That information is classified. It is well-known that you two are the best warriors in all of the kingdom. So listen to me very carefully or it will be well-known that you didn’t. You are to find this chest and bring it here. Zelena, do not look inside. Do you understand me?” Zelena rolled her eyes as Adrian nodded. “And try to avoid the pirates. They will also be after the treasure.”

“We won’t let you down.” said Adrian. And they were off, as their journey had just began.


“Captain, we’ve reached the spot!” said one member of the crew of pirate

“How are you sure?” asked Sheila.

“Um… just a hunch.”

Sheila looked at the water. It was getting clearer and clearer and at the same time  to glow brighter and brighter. Soon, she saw a brown blur. It was starting to build up into a shape. A box- it must be the treasure!

“The chest! It’s the chest we’ve been looking for!" she hollered with joy.

Immediately, the crew members jumped overboard into the icy cold water to retrieve the chest. Once the chest was aboard, the crew members climbed up onto the ship excited and anxious to open the chest. Suddenly, a large storm cloud swallowed up the the blueish gray sky directly above them, zapping lightning on the side of the boat.

“The storm! It’s the storm of Blackbeard! Run for your lives!!!!” screamed a crew member as Sheila readied the emergency rowboat.”Captain we have to row to safety! If we stay any longer we’ll die!”

The captain gave an evil smirk.”That’s exactly why I’m leaving with the treasure!” she cackled and rowed away with all the food supply.”So long, pirates! See you later. Ya know. Assuming you survive!” she laughed villainously and rowed away farther and farther from the crew of lost pirates that she abandoned. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a wave swallowed her and the chest into an ocean of blue.

“No!” the pirates screeched. They were in a half broken boat with no captain, no treasure, no food, no way out, and no chance of surviving the Storm of Blackbeard!




“Adrian?” asked Zelena.

“What?”  replied Adrian.

“We’ve been here for hours! Where’s the chest?!?”

“I don’t know! It’s not like the chest is just going to appear in the water!”

“Really? Then what’s that?” Zelena challenged. She pointed at a brown wooden box.

Adrian looked in the direction that she was pointing at and said ,”Nevermind. I take it back. Maybe it is going to appear out of nowhere.”

“Stop your yapping and get it!” Zelena hissed impatiently.

“What? Why me?” Adrian asked.

“Because, you are older.”

“We’re twins.”

“Well, you’re 44.2 seconds older. Now go get that treasure!”

“But, my hair will get all wet! Do you know how long it took to make my hair look like this?! I don’t just wake up looking this awesome! And if you just took my advice and did something with your hair for once, you would see my dilema! Also, I think it’s time we talk about your clothes. I mean, come on! You wanna look like a peasant, that is fine with me but don’t come crying to me later when you lose all your friends because you’re fashion blind. Don’t come to me because I’ll stink! Ya know why? Because, YOU MADE ME JUMP INTO THE OCEAN TO GET THAT CHEST IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! AND ANOTHER THING-” Adrian was interrupted by a splash of water, noticing that Zelena had jumped into water in the middle of his Fashion  Meltdown. “ZELENA!!!” he screamed after her but she was already heading back with the chest.

“What? You talk too much.” Zelena said as Adrian rolled his eyes.

“Ugh! Whatever. At least now we can go home.” said Adrian.

“No we can’t.”

“Why not?”

“We still haven’t seen any pirates. That soldier,Sir Snob, said that we’d have some company by now.”


“Weren’t you listening at all?”

“Not really. I am having a really good hair-day and I  had to make sure of that by checking my reflection in his hat.”


“I would never kid about my hair.”

“Ugh! Where’s that pirate crew?”

“I don’t know! It’s not like it”ll just appear out of nowhere!”

“Really? Then what’s that?” Zelena said as she pointed at a rocking figure in the distance.

“Nevermind. I take it back. Maybe it is going to appear out of nowhere!”

The figure was barely noticeable because it was covered by a storm cloud, lightning, and thunder.

“Oh no!” Adrian yelled.

“Those ignorant pirates have doomed us all with the Storm of Blackbeard!” Zelena spat.

“Actually, only they will be targeted by the storm, since they are the ones who stole it.”

“Since when are you smart, or clever, or remotely non-ideodic?”

Adrian shot her a dirty look, as if she kicked his pet[or messed up his hair]!

“Since always, thank you very much!” He continued,”In fact I’M SO smart ,that the chest came to ME!”

“You think you are the reason we got the chest? Not in a million years! No way, Hosea! “Nuh-uh!”





While they were bickering, the pirate boat started to sink. Meanwhile, pirates started to jump

overboard and swim towards a nearby canoe. Little did they know Zelena and Adrian, the best bounty hunters in all the land, were in it. When one of the pirates reached the canoe, he swam underwater, so they couldn’t see him. After just a few moments, he flipped onto the rim of the canoe, landing on Adrian.

“Hey! Watch the hair!” shouted Adrian.

The pirate reached for his sword when he realized that Zelena had stolen it when he hadn’t been looking. Suddenly, Zelena pushed him into the water!

“Adrian, row the boat as fast as you can! I’ll fight off these pirates.” Zelena ordered.

Adrian obeyed her demands, noticing the pirates catching up to them. Zelena pushed and pulled the pirates off the small canoe as fast as she could but wasn’t strong enough. As the pirates kept on coming, they had started to tie up the siblings.

“Hi, I’m Killian, the new captain of this crew.  And who exactly are you two?” asked a pirate with a thick English accent. He had wavy, black hair, a dirty, white long-sleeved shirt with a black vest and black jean-like pants.


“Let us go!”  whined Adrian.

“Sure, as soon as we get our treasure.”

“No way! We are returning this to King-”

“Deal,” interrupted Zelena.

The other pirates cheered and jumped in the ocean. Killian took the chest and was about to

jump into the water with the treasure when Zelena yanked on his vest pulling him back.

“I’ll take that.”Adrian said as he stole the chest back from the pirate.

Zelena pushed him into the water and rowed away as fast as she and her brother could.

Once they reached their kingdom, they went to the palace where King Oberon was impatiently waiting for their return.

“Hurray! You’re back with the chest! Give it to me!”

“No, Oberon. Not until we know what’s in the chest!” Adrian said.

“That is my business, not yours!”

“Then you’ll never see this chest again.” said Zelena turning to leave.

“Wait!” Oberon said. “Leave us.” Oberon motioned to those who were present. They scurried away. Oberon reached into his shirt and pulled out a necklace with a key on it and handed it to Adrian.

When Adrian put the key into the lock and turned it, he realized that it didn’t work.

“Wrong key.” he said.

“What? No! It can’t be!”

While Oberon was muttering to himself about how this could be possible, Zelena observed the chest and saw at the bottom of it there was a picture of Blackbeard, Captain Sheila, and  King Oberon around 20 years younger.

“King Oberon! You’re the brother of Sheila, the pirate captain and the son of Blackbeard, the greatest pirate known to man! Wait, are you a pirate, too?” she asked hoping he would have no idea what she was talking about.

“That is my family, but I am not a pirate! I hid my family tree because I don’t want others to think I’m like them. My dad, Edward Thatch, better known as Blackbeard, gave my sister, Victoria Woods, now known as Captain Sheila, a key to his greatest treasure. But I got jealous and stole it. Sadly, he never achieved his dream and made sure nobody else could by casting this curse, which was meant to lead back to “whomever is worthy”. I suppose my father switched the key with a fake.”

“What is in it?” Adrian asked curiously.

“I have no idea. All I know is that the box is indestructible and because of that I will never know what it contains.”

The End


© Copyright 2020 Bethel555. All rights reserved.

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