Falling To Failure

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When somebody like a mother lives your dreams for you and your terrified of what they are going to say when they find out how badly you've failed to be what they wanted you and pushed you to be.

Submitted: February 19, 2007

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Submitted: February 19, 2007



Your name is in my scars

Your voice is killing who I am

I bow to be what you want

But I can’t fall down that far

I cannot stride

As far away

From my path

As you dare ask I go

I cannot succeed in being

Who I am supposed to be

I have become your failure

I am the failure

Of your mind

I succeeded once

I was amazing

Basking in a glow of pride

That didn’t come from me

I’m sorry that I am not what you wanted

I really am

Maybe if I was closer to brilliant

You could love me


I can dream

But you will try to take

Even that away from me

I sit here

Tears cascade down my face

I have lost control

Why can’t I please you?

I just want to hear one thing

That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear from you

“I’m proud”

There’s nothing I can do though

To make you say those words

Because the only thing

That you ever told me I had done right

Just got destroyed

Because all it was

Was me living this lie

And I can’t really take it anymore

I’m sorry

Sorry because I’ve failed you

I was successful

I was amazing

But now I have fallen

And your not going to like hearing about it

I don’t know

What to do

I’m just terrified Of what fates about to throw

You might yell

You might scream

But that’s not exactly my fear

I am afraid of loud noises

But in this case it’s not your volume that will break me

It’s your words

I’m so scared

That when you’re angry

You’re going to tell me

That I’ve disappointed you


If you doI shall be silent

Terrified to silence

Not wanting to disappoint

Choking on regret

Fading in chains of fear

Forgetting how to disappear

Save me?

To late

Trust me?

You won’t

Love me?

You can’t

Accept me?

You’d never

Let me breath?

You can’t let g

oBecause I’m not whoI am meant to be

Maybe if I don’t have a pulse tomorrow

You would understand?

Or maybe that would just be more disappointment to you

Then againI can’t feel disappointment from death

Can I?

Why have you done this to your own daughter?

I begged to serve you

Longed to be what you wanted

Tried to make you proud

And after all the tears

The fears and the chains

The blood and the pains

The love and the hate

After all of my wishing, dreaming and daring

All I have done

Is I have

Fallen to failure.

Forgive me

When I am gone.

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