Me, You and Him

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Basically how I had two best friends, actually 4, but this focuses on 2 of them, and without using names I told of how I longed to again stand at thier side, to be a part of them, a part of thier laughter and share the joke, not be the joke.

Submitted: February 01, 2007

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Submitted: February 01, 2007



Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 7:53 amPost subject:

I wandered through the forest, I came upon the pit. I sat on the log.. I just sat there and as I did... I heard laughter.

First I thought to move, to go.. to get away in spite of who might be coming but then I saw what I saw and it was not a seen of just people coming but ghosts.. memory really.. floating..daunting in its elegance, haunting me me.. showing me what I had lost.

In they came,to our little clearing. The one that angel made. They didnt see me as I watched them. I looked and saw strait through them.. but the them was me and you. We bent down but couldnt get the lighter lit and soon went off for help. 

Me, and you.  Not apart and not arguing. Skipping, laughing. Me and you.  Friends. 

Now I sat again in silence oh so lonesome as the laughter faded. && Again returned, greater this time as we had brought another. We never did get that lighter to light. We just sat around chattering instead. 3 of us. me you and him.

Just chatting... actually laughing more then talking.. Laughing. We were laughing together.. just because we could.

I said I miss you. I said it aloud. Just clear into the air and the ghostly daunting memories of that day. They turned pale faces my way for the first time. They all looked me dead in they eye and I felt a cold darkness making known inside me.

Three sets of eyes cannot all meet at one, but 2 eyes can meet, and they can lock.  You seemed like you locked eyes with me, made my heart stop its beating so loudly, so proudly.  I had nothing to take pride in.  Made me know, you wern't looking at me, you were seeing through me. 

Then you said good bye and you faded.

faded as you did.
I guess that maybe you must have seen me.
Now I sit again.

in this clearing... that angel made....

I sit here....I sitt...


every so often in the silence I must whisper. I dont know why but I still.. I MUST whisper. && when I do.. all I can speak for is...the words...

I miss you.

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