Done Crying

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It took me along time to get over an ex, & when I'd decided I was finally over hi, I wrote a poem.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



I am done crying for you,

Even tho you are the one I want to curl into it at night,

Or the fact I still feel your lips,

When its another guy,

And that your green eyes are still burned in my mind,

You were gone when I met you,

Just a ghost of a once amazing man,

Too bad you couldnt see infront of all the booze & the pills & drugs,

How much I needed you,

Loved you like I've never loved another,

I would have given you my life,

If you'd been brave enough to ask me,

Yes you cared about me,

You once told me I was an amazing friend & girlfriend a guy could have,

But you couldnt get her from your head,

So you did to me,

What she did to you,

Without you ever seeing a thing,

And so I am done,

Done crying over you Baby,

When you want me back,

I can't promise I'll be yours,

Cause I stopped crying today.

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