Freedom And Peace

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This is a poem that I wrote for a contest in school last year. Didn't win, but haha!

Submitted: November 25, 2013

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Submitted: November 25, 2013



Freedom laughs at Peace's jokes,

Peace laughs at Freedom's jokes.

Freedom races Peace through the grass,

Each wanting to be wrapped up in your arms first.

Freedom and Peace both reach you at once,

You scoop them up and twirl them together.

Peace rushes to tell you about Freedom's mistakes,

Freedom rushes to counter Peace's words,

Each vying to be your favorite.

You calm them down,

They hug it out.

Together, they tell you about their day.

You are so proud of Freedom and Peace,

For each learning to spell their names.

But you are angered to hear,

That Peace and Freedom are innocent no more.

For they have met the neighbor War.


War at last,

He reared his ugly head.

He pushed Peace and Freedom to the ground.

War said mean words,

Freedom cried.

Peace cried.

War laughed.

Freedom and peace helped each other stand,

Only to have War pull the flower out of Peace's hair.

Freedom picked Peace another flower,

Only to have War take it too.

War threw the flowers to the ground,

And stomped his shoes atop them.

Then War sprinkled the flower-dirt on Peace and Freedom's heads.

But his mother saw and came out to chastise him.

But War cried,

And his mother looked down and Freedom and Peace,

Standing together on the grass,

And yelled at them for making her baby War cry.


Sad and confused,

Freedom and Peace stumbled home.

You saw Freedom pick Peace a third flower,

And gently place it in her hair.

Peace smiled and laughed,

And picked Freedom a flower too.

Together, Peace and Freedom ran through the grass.

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