The Rain On The Roof

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a poem. Be warned, it is long. I tried to delve into the corners of the mind, and this deals heavily with psychological material.

Submitted: November 26, 2013

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Submitted: November 26, 2013



the rain pittering and pattering

on the roof top

alternating from fast and furious

to soft and melancholy

like your moods


the never ceasing drone of

perfectly formed rain droplets

slamming themselves

against your roof with all their being


the rain is there only for you

a sign for you alone


your heart speeds up

to match the falling echo

of the drops


and your body get warm

and beads of sweat form

like the drops falling on your roof

in the creases

of your palms

and on your forehead


your mind races

the gears twisting and turning

this way and that

and your thoughts jumble

into a mass of fire

slowly burning away

until the only tangible

thread of thought is

that the rain is a sign for you


your hands twitch

your fists tingle

and your entire body shakes

like a leaf

and your muscles

all tense up as tight

as possible


all you want is

to know the message


the sound of the drops

pinging the roof

mesh together into an

inescapable, enticing, yet formidable


rushing towards you from every direction


your mind is

incapable of forming a thought

other than the one

and you sink to your knees


the message, the sign, the message, the sign

plays over and over in your mind

like a movie reel

that never ends


slowly first

then faster

it takes over your body

until every inch of your being

moves with the pulsing of the drops


the message the sign the message the sign


over and over

over and over


it's all you want

you need it physically

the burning mass of thought in your mind

yearns for it like oxygen


no longer can you stand it

and the net finally reaches you

and engulfs you

squeezing tighter and tighter until

you are a speck

among the dust in the air


in the net you rise

above the sound

of the drops

and away from the sign

away from the message


your body finally is at peace

the burning searing pain is gone

and your body is replaced

by a nothingness

you are somehow connected to


the thoughts untangle themselves in your mind

and slowly

you regain life

it seems


that is until

you look down

through the knots in the net

you still are trapped in

and you see yourself

where you were

before the rain

before the message

before the burning and shaking and mess and jumble of thoughts


you see yourself

still on your knees

but bloody


you watch your fists

slam into the ground

in sync with the drops

over and over

again and again

until your skin is bloody and raw

and you see your shaking hands

fly to your head

and push your ears together

to block out the sound

of the drops


then you look down at your real hands

clutching the knots of the net

holding you suspended in the air

and you see the blood

on them too


with no warning

the net plummets

you crash back into the room

and net dissipates

and recedes

leaving you subject to it all again



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