Through the eyes of a stranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Idyllic remote islander's adventure to the metropolis coming face to face with dark creatures

Jay was 26 years old, or that's what he thought was the case having attempted to work it out by the phases of the moon and the sun. Jay had been living on a remote island from as far back as he could remember where people lived a very simple life "living off the fruits of the gods" as one of the older inhabitants would chant as part of his daily ritual down by the waters edge. Jay had come to accept this life but always felt something was missing and most recently had become very curious as to what might lay beyond the sea's horizon or even what mysteries the moon and sun held. He was thankful for the food, which came from the natural sources growing on the island and the fish in the sea, and shelter made of wood from the many trees and had great respect for the people he had grown up amongst and embraced their gentle and kind ways. However. his life was feeling very unfulfilled and to be blunt he was bored and inside screaming for some excitement. Surely there had to be something else thought Jay.

Jay couldn't recall anyone ever visiting the island so all he knew was what he was taught by the islanders. The Islanders lifestyle and daily activities revolved around the rising and setting of the sun and wonderful phases of the moon.

Jay stood at the waters edge staring out at the vastness in front of him letting the waves gently cascade around his feet. He did once ask one of the elders whether the island was near to any other civilisation but his question was met with a stony silence; although the elder's wife before she could be hushed blurted out something about a metropolis named New York where they had originally dwelled before they were fortunate enough to find the island. New York New York Jay said twice he liked the sound of that.

The sun was still high in the sky so Jay knew sunset was still a long way off. As he continued to stare out to sea he could see a large object moving in the water which initially he believed to be a fish but then he heard a sound coming from the object like a whirring sound and as he looked closer it wasnt a fish but a boat moving quiet fast towards the shore. Jay felt a thrill of excitement run through him at the prospect of meeting new people and what tales they may have of other sights and places. As the boat got nearer he could see it was occupied by a man and woman with a small boy who looked like he had been crying. The man called out to Jay "are we anywhere near New York as we seem to have lost our bearings on our way back from Long Island". Jay was mesmerised that name again he thought New York. The man thought he hadn't heard him so he repeated his question. Jay's mind was reeling as he knew this was his chance to seek the adventure his soul was craving so he told the man that if he would allow him on board he was sure he could help them get back to New York. The man agreed and without any hesitation Jay climbed aboard and off they went in search of New York New York.

Jay established that the family had only been off track for about 10 minutes and they had come from a westerly direction which meant this metropolis was not far. Jay was very familiar with navigating when fishing in his tiny makeshift shaft using the sun as a compass and as such to the relief of the family and almost uncontrollable joy for Jay land was soon visible in front of them. As they got nearer Jay stared in awe at the tall buildings that seemed to rise from the water and disappear high into the clouds above the skyline. Oh my oh my said Jay this is a metropolis.

The family were so grateful and insisted on taking Jay to meet their friends and family who were having a Halloween party and they would take him back safely to his island the following day. Jay had no idea what Halloween was but he was excited to find out. Let the adventure begin thought Jay.

There were sounds and smells all around Jay that he had never experienced before and several times on the way to where the family had parked what they stated was their Range Rover, Jay stopped to take in all of his surroundings. There were crowds of people everywhere and everyone seemed in such a hurry bustling each other out of the way. Jay started to feel a bit anxious and when he turned back in the direction the family were heading he couldn't see them. Jay suddenly felt scared, he called out the man's name which he had discovered was Tim but there was no sign of them and it dawned on Jay that when he had stopped to view his surroundings he may have started to head off in the opposite direction to the family. Jay looked up at the sun which by now was very low almost touching the water, oh no what was he to do and at that moment he felt really bad as he knew his fellow islanders would be looking for him and they would be worried.

Without even realising it Jay started to walk away from the bright lights of the harbour mainly being pushed along by the crowds and before he knew it he found himself in a street with brown stone buildings with metal steps on the side leading from the ground to the roof. Jay jumped slightly when all of a sudden there was a lot of angry shouting which was coming from the window of one of the brown stone buildings. Jay had never heard two people shout in such an unfriendly aggressive way and Jay now started to feel that he had found a very hostile place which made him feel very uneasy and even more desperate to find Tim and his family.

Tim looked for the sun to guide him back to the harbour but sunset had been and gone. Suddenly Jay heard a roar of excitement and coming towards him was the most scariest thing he had ever seen he was so terrified he couldn't move. In front of him and all around him were strange creatures some small and some tall, his bible readings had described such images and now here they were standing in front of him in all their horrificness, devils both small and large with huge red horns and long pointed tails, witches with their broomsticks so ugly you darent look them in the eyes and green goblin type figures looking very menacing. Jay watched in fear as in turn they walked up the steps of the brown stone buildings and banged on the doors shouting "trick or treat". People came out and willingly handed over whatever it was these hideous beings wanted which Jay assumed was to avoid whatever 'trick' they may bestow on them if they did not obey them. Jay needed to get away before they saw him as he had nothing to appease them with. He ran back in the direction he had came bumping into more creatures all carrying bags that would soon be filled with their ill gotten gains. Jay needed to stop to catch his breath and as he did the most grotesque thing he had ever seen with green slime foaming from his mouth touched him on the shoulder and leered "trick or treat". Jay literally collapsed with shock.

Jay came to and slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the star lit sky and thought how beautiful it looked. A figure was standing over him that looked vaguely familiar and then Jay recognised Tim who he could have hugged as he was so pleased to see him. Tim said "Jay we were worried about you and thought we had lost you, you seem to have had a bit of a fall". Tim stretched out his hand to help Jay up and at that moment the slimy green thing appeared over Tim"s left shoulder. Jay was speechless and began to shake with terror. Tim looked confused then looked over his shoulder and laughed and said "oh I see you've met my brother". Oh no thought Jay, Tim was one of them disguised as a human it was hopeless he would not get out of this alive and running he knew would be futile. Tim was now quite concerned and said "Jay whatever is wrong buddy as you look absolutely terrified". The slimey creature started to move and then laughing removed the green face saying "wow this must be the best costume ever the way its clearly spooked you" Jay couldn't believe it as he was looking into the exact same face as Tim's. Tim said Jay this is my twin brother Tom who is just a big kid on Halloween.

They tookJay back to the family home carefully explaining along the way about the festival of Halloween and the meaning behind trick and treat. Never having experienced anything like it in his life Jay was confused but realised these were kind good people and had no intention of hurting him.

As agreed Jay stayed the night with the family and even joined in on their Halloween games of retrieving the apple out of a bucket of water with just your mouth. All the children really were adorable and Jay once he felt relaxed and safe he so enjoyed the time he spent with Tim and his family.

As promised the next day Tim took Jay back to the island and while Tim said that he would come back and take Jay back for another trip one day, Jay knew that as much as he had eventually enjoyed his visit to the big metropolis, New York was way too fast and loud for him and whilst he would always treasure his adventure his life on the island was exactly what his soul needed as he loved their gentle unassuming lifestyle where everyone knew the role they needed to play among the island which gave them all a sense of peace and belonging. Although no doubt when he became an elder he may well share the details of the sights, smells and people he had once had the pleasure to come across during a time so long ago in a strange and noisy land across the sea.


Submitted: August 04, 2020

© Copyright 2022 bev0507. All rights reserved.

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