Black Or White, A Lake Does Not mind

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A white outback writer in Outback Australia meets an Aboriginal woman in a bar. He finds out she is a Doctor. They exchange words. Finally they end up in a lake.
Note: In some bars in Australian outback towns, the indigeous population cannot drink in bars.

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011





As Jack had been keeping the same spot at the bar warm for years the publican stuck a sign on the wall



Jack didn’t like it. “Lose the sign Frank!”


“It’s good for business.” Not only was Frank the proprietor of the Pub, he was a mate of Jacks. “It pays to advertise Jack”


“I’m about as famous as the towns’ drunk.”


Fair enough, I’ll call you the towns drunk if you say I’m a legendary chick magnet.”


Jack burst out laughing. “You’re a funny bugger Frank.”


Jack caught sight of good looking Aboriginal women making her way towards him. Frank threw Jack a sly grin. “Need any help writing at home this Avro Jack?”  


Frank frowned and slowly shook his head. The woman had caught up with Jack. “Mind if I sit here?” It was more of a statement than a request.


 “It’s a free county love.” Jack was cool towards her. He presumed she was after a free drink.


“It is?” Undaunted by his indifference she swung her legs over a bar stool like mounting a horse.


After giving her a once over Jack decided she was a bit of all right. “Yeah, what you said is right.”


It took time for her absorb his words. Eventually she concluded he was sympatric to the plight of the Aboriginal people. She smiled and he couldn’t help noticing her pearly white teeth.


 “If I sit alone in other pubs the barmen usually ask me to leave.” She whispered.


“I’d deck Frank if he pulled a stunt like that.”


There was a moment of awkward silence before she spoke again. “If you look out of the window you will see all the colours being reflected of the hills. It always amazes me how red rocks can split sunlight into so many beautiful colours.”


 “They’re just a pile of old rocks!”


She stared him down. “You’re a self centered bastard. And as for that sign of yours, you either reckon you’re better than others or you’re too stupid to realize you’re advertising you’re just a drunken bum!" She folded her arms and turned her back to him.


He didn’t expect her to talk to him again. But to his surprise she turned around to face him again with tears in her eyes.


“I reckon I was a bit hard on you.”

“You reckon? I thought you were Margret Thatcher.


 She grinned. Look, can we start again? You can call me Kim, that’s if you want to?” She reached out, hoping he would take her hand.


As he didn’t want to appear too enthusiastic he hesitated. Finally he yielded. “My name is on the sign.”


She laughed.


“You know something Kim. That sign really is driving me crazy. I’ll have it removed. And thanks for the wakeup call. I can be an arrogant prick. Now I really appreciate the beauty in front of me. And I’m not just talking about the hills either.”


Her eyes lit up. “Jack, I appreciate your compliment, but please shut up while I have my say, okay? She stopped to compose her thoughts. ”Yes, what you said about the hills did hurt me”. Then she smiled. “In case you haven’t noticed ---I’m Aboriginal.” She became serious again. “Normally a comment like yours wouldn’t make me so angry. No, something else happened to me last night to make me take my anger out on your.  


She knew Jack was about to butt in. “Look Jack …please let me finish. It’s really important to me that you know the cause of my anger.”


She stared intently into his eyes and he liked her more. “Alright I’ll shut my trap.”


She took a deep breath before speaking. “Last night my white boss told me to order Aboriginal Security Officers to build a wire mesh to keep Aboriginals out of the hospital Emergency Department.  I felt as though I was letting my own people down. I came so close to walking out. But if I did that, there would have been one less Doctor in the overcrowded Emergency Department.


“So that’s why you had tears in your eyes.”


 “So you noticed.”


She checked him out. He held his gut in. He used to be muscular. He was tempting her with his blue eyes. His hair was grey and receding. He was pale from spending too much time inside. She put him between forty-four and fifty.


“Had enough time to appreciate the view?” He couldn’t hide his anxiety. “Well what’ll you think?


“You don’t miss a trick do you? You really want to know don’t you?”


“Nah couldn’t care less.” He lied.


“Well you’re arrogant and not very good looking.”


Though he was disappointed he tried not to show it. “Well that’s it then. I’m going home to work.” He jumped from his stool.


Suddenly she beamed and patted the top of his stool.  “Jack – come back - please.” When he returned she kissed him on the cheek. “You’re not too bad for a white man. She let jealousy get the better of her. “I suppose you’re been with half the woman in this town.”


“Nah, only a quarter of them,” He grinned.


She punched him on the shoulder “You’re keep.”


Can you swim? He wanted her to say yes.


“Like a fish, why do you ask?”


“Been to the lake?”


“Of course I have, Aboriginals live off the land.”


“Rubbish, you’re a Doctor.” He turned to Frank. “Make sure my sign has gone by tomorrow!”


Frank wasn’t happy, but he would find another way to cash in on Jack.


Later on when they naked in the warm water Jack called out, “Please help me Doctor, I’m love sick.”


She wrapped her body around his.


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