freedom and a dragons tail

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A story about a girl over coming the places before her on her journey to become free from her old life.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



The horses galloped carrying the king to a place the Caliacaries didn’t plane, but like always they were a step ahead of the king. Sam who is the one in the group who knows everything about the king could not predict this, but then she saw why he took this path. Anna and Maddy stepped out of there hideaway home, Sam’s two sisters and the only family she had left. Sam signals and she and the rest of the Caliacaries begin to let their arrows fly. But it was all ready to late the king pulled out his little pistol. Two bangs that are all it took two bangs and Anna and Maddy were lying on the ground dead. Sam was furious she dove off the roof of the building where she was positioned, pulled out her knife about to stab the king when the guards had her held down. “I finally have you” chuckeld the king. Then he simple waved his hand and the guards took her to the royal home.

No matter how much she tied Sam could not break free from the guards grip. They dragged her into the kings office where he was all ready sitting there waiting for her. The guards through her down in a chair and chained her up so she couldn’t escape. Then they took off the hood to her white cloak reviling her blonde hair and her silver dragon necklace that showed that she was the leader of the Caliacaries.

“You are here on charge of the assassination of twenty civilians five of which were royalty,” the king stated.

Sam didn’t say anything all she did was smile.

“Now for that crime I should put you to death. But as most people think I am nothing but a nice and reasonable king. I know by watching how you work that you don’t like to be seen by people. So I’m willing to make a deal with you. I have this group of islands that it’s said that if you have someone survive all four of the areas you gain full power of the islands. Now if you survive this for me and come back here I’ll let you go free and never bring you back here again.”

Sam was silent for a while she couldn’t just leave her team, but she also didn’t want to die. At least going to the islands she had a chance to live.”I’ll take the islands” she demanded.

A smile lit up on the king’s face, “very well” he said and he nodded to the guards. They went to unlock Sam and she realized she could make a run for it but before she could everything went black.


Sam awoke to the feeling of something touching her face. She opened her eyes and saw this little black almost lizard like animal staring at her. But the more she looked at it she realized it had wings, it was a dragon. The dragon took off running a little bit then looked back at her like it wanted her to fallow it. Sam stood up and fallowed the little black dragon not sure where she was. As she was walking she notice everything around her was changing from a nice island feel to a very dark and scary feel. When she looked up from the dragon she saw the dragon was taking her to a very old looking castle. Sam looked over the side of the bridge they were crossing and saw that below them was a long fall down leading into a pool of lava. Then looked over to her side and saw that the dragon was sitting there waiting for her which made her smile and continue to fallow it inside the castle walls. The minute that they stepped inside the castle walls she noticed the dragon started glowing and looking almost metallic.

Then as they walked inside the castle there was some sort of creature standing there in front of her. He had long pointy ears, pale yellow-green skin, stood about seven feet tall, with warts all over his face and body. Then he spoke “so you’re the one who’s come here to help, well you’re not much of anything but you’ll do.

Then as he walked over to where the dragon was now sleeping Sam said “I just…”

“I know why you’re here you want to be free and not have worries about someone wanting you dead.” Then he paused for a little bit and said ”freedom something that everything wants but only a few can get, and if you’re willing to let me help you can be part of that few.”

As Sam nodded to that he picked up the dragon and it turned into a sword. “Use this to defend yourself, and no I didn’t kill the dragon he is inside the sword and will give you some extra help when you need it. As you all ready know there are four places you need to accomplish, the first is rate here. You need to help defeat the Kays there a group that has been killing my king for years and there coming here to kill the last of us.” Then as Sam was about to walk out the doors to the castle he said “O, and by the way you can call me G.”

When Sam walked out the doors of the castle an army of who she believed was the Kay where all ready there. The Kay started charging at her swords drawn. Sam not really sure what to do decided to just do a state charge through them all. As she kneeled down to start her run she drew the sword G gave her when a big gust of wind came from the sword knocking half of the army over the castle walls and into the pool of lava below. Sam who was just as surprised as the other half of the army regained her composer and took off towards them, ducking and slicing her way across the bridge until all of the Kay where gone.

Sam looked up and saw at the end of the bridge was a helicopter and she realized that she could leave she could fly away to somewhere else and no one would know. She was about to go through with it when she looked over on the control panel and saw a note that said “I thought you might need a ride to the next place press play on the screen and I’ll tell you about it –G. Sam set down the note and pressed play on the screen, the engine of the helicopter came to life and she was up in the air flying to the next place. G appeared on the screen and said “nice job on beating the Kay I myself wouldn’t have been so brutal now but it’s all done away with. Now for the next place it’s a dessert of snow, but there is a building there that I need you to get inside and get the case out of the vault. The helicopter will drop you at the top of a hill you can use the snowboard behind you to get to the bottom, good luck.”

Just as G said the helicopter landed at the top of the hill, Sam grabbed the snowboard and started going down the hill. Shortly after she started going down the hill Sam looked back and saw a group of creatures were fallowing her. She drew her sword and was ready and was ready, as they got closer to her the battle started. They were all zigzagging through trees Sam killing each one as they got close to her. After Sam saw the building she went off a jump and landed on the roof knocking one of the guards out with her board, she sliced the other before he even had a chance to react. Then she hoped inside wondering why no one was there, then she saw out of the corner of her eye a sensor, there was a laser grid and the vault was on the other side. Sam took a rope she found through it around a banister on the ceiling and shimmied her way across careful not to touch any of the lasers. When she landed she broke a window took a piece of glass and used it agents a laser to carve a hole in the vault big enough for her to fit through. Once inside she got the case and her way back to the helicopter.

She pressed play on the screen and the helicopter took flight again G said “the next place is a place where you need to exterminate a big spider problem. The thing inside that case will help, have fun.” Sam opened the case and found a silver pistol.

It wasn’t long after she landed that she realized what the big spider problem was, it wasn’t a bunch of spiders it was actually one giant spider. Sam took her sword thinking it would be an easy kill. When she got close the spider took one of its legs and flicked her back causing her to drop the sowed. When she got up the spider was all ready heading towards her. She took out the pistol and shot at the spider’s leg knocking it to the ground then she got closer and killed it.

Back in the helicopter G told her “great job your almost done. For the last place there is a bomb on a train and you need to disable it and get it off the train before it reaches the city.”

Sam lowered herself into the train and started looking for the bomb when got to the back of the train she found it. As she was disabling the bomb some bangs were coming through the door, someone was trying to get in. When they broke through the door she had disabled the bomb and had it hooked up to the helicopter, they starting shooting at her she tried to steer the helicopter out of the way. But it was too late one of the bullets hit and the helicopter began to spin out of control. She had to jump she looked over and saw her sword had turned back into a dragon, but this time the dragon had grown to a size were she could ride it. So she hoped on its back and they took off landing on top of a building not too far away.

“Very good you completed all the places, the first you should be proud” Said a voice Sam had almost forgotten. “But I can’t have you coming back people then will think I’m a terrible king and I can’t have that happen.”

“But I thought we had a deal” yelled Sam picking up the once again sword willing to do whatever it took to be free.

“You are very brave, but not very wise” said the king taking out her sword. Sam took off towards him but he defected her swing and pushed her back to the edge of the roof and caused her to drop her sword. “How great will it be to say that I alone killed you.” Claws then landed on the kings shoulders and lifted him up into the air and dropped him off the building.

Sam had won she could return home but what would she do when she got there everyone would be after her neck for killing the king, but she had to go back to her team. The dragon landed beside “Thanks for that do you think you could fly me home” the dragon did a little thing that could have been a nod. Sam hopped on its back and they took off to the sky.

When she got home she found where the rest of the Caliacaries were staying. She took off her necklace and gave it to the next in line. Then she took the few things she had and left; she was free to do whatever she wanted.

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