the river of death

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the most popular girl is about to fall.a series of strange events lead to the most adventurous moment of her life.adventure,love,fear and revenge are contained in this story.Be careful when it comes to breaking hearts.

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



  Olivia Phillip walked into her customized dorm.The other students weren't allowed to decorate their dorms but of course she had found away around it.Every thing was perfect on her side.Bed was made,desk was organized,everything was the way she had left it.Everything but a golden envelope that lay on her bed.It was probably just a note from Levi,she thought.She opened half heartedly.She loved Levi but he was so clingy.When she read the scrawling writing she didn't recognize the writing as Levi's.This was no love letter.It read:

Olivia, for a while i have put  up with your vanity and your ignorance but i won't anymore.your total disregard for peoples feelings has to stop or your head will be served  on a golden platter to me.

Olivia knew people didn't like her.It was just normal to have a few enemies when you were as popular as she was.Her mom had always said that they were jealous of her long,black hair and flawless features.She had accepted that not everyone was going to like her but she didn't expect a death threat.Everyone fell into categories she was just one of the more fortunate and she cared for the people with her status.This was probably a prank.She decided that she would go on as if nothing had happened,so she tore the letter up and threw it in the bin.The way it floated was like a butterfly floating into the black hole of destruction.

Then someone knocked on her door.It was Stephanie and Levi. Levi lifted her up and spun her around like they would watch in romantic comediesd eyes.He put her down and kissed her with as much passion that he held in his body.Then Olivia turned to face her best friend and room mate.Stephanie's brother had died a few weeks ago and she was still greiving her loss.This would explain the red face and eyes which clashed with her red hair."Lets get something to eat",Olivia said in a sympathetic tone.

They travelled across campus to the cafateria where they got alot of admiring glances,deathstares and sympathetic looks.Levi had to go to his dorm to see if his room mate still had his wallet."Hey!Over here!",one of Olivia's many followers called them over to their table.There was alo of small talk and gossip.

"How is levi?Is he going to get his car?"

"Did you hear that Stephanie's brother killed himself because of Olivia."

"No.Well you can't blame him.It was a brutal brake-up.I mean he treated her like a godess and she cheats on him with Levi."

"We don't blame you Olivia but you could have dumped him first."

"It's only a rumour!Dale didn't kill himself because of me!"Olivia screamed.everyone stoped and stared at her.Everyone had heard the rumours.From that moment it only got worse.Levi stormed up to the table tears streaming down his flaming cheeks.There was something different about him.Then she noticed it.The golden envelope and she knew at that moment that it could only mean trouble.

"How could you and to tell me through a note.This is a new low even for you.You actually slept with Dan.He's my best friend.I hope you go to hell and the only thing that would make me more upset is if someone else gets to do it before I do,you whore."Then I blacked out.When i woke i was tied to a tree with Levi tied beside me."Don't worry about classes Itold everyone you fainted because you didn't eat and Levi has the flu.I bet you didn't guess it was me.You probably didn't think i would avenge my brother."

Stephanie laughed at her own cruel joke."I want you to feel the pain my brother felt.At least you will die together.Drowned in the river after a terrible animal attack."

Olivia was speachless.She understood why they were here but she couldn't help but cry with Levi beside her.He understood that she didn't cheat on him but it was too late.There were so many questions Olivia wanted to ask.The river was now a river of death.Then Stephanie slit their throats,making sure that they were looking into her eyes, and them float to the bottom of the river.The evil couple had been vanquished but it didn't help the emptiness inside.



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