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A shot at imperfect rhyme

Submitted: February 20, 2008

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Submitted: February 20, 2008



I’ve learned to clip my wings

So I can’t fly home to you

Oh please just stay one more night

I will make everything alright

Come hold me like you’ll never let go

Show me things you never did show

We never did see things eye to eye

But just sat there and watched things go by and by

Oh dear heart, come hold me tight

Please just stay here,  just one more night

You’d promised to see me, when I got back

Well I’ve been waiting here for days on end

You never did call again

Oh we just sat here side by side

Watching the clouds move

As we got high, so high

Things are never quite right

When I can’t hear your breathe at night

Written words flow from your finger tips

That make me melt into drips, drips

From the rain gutter that you forgot to clean

I reminded you that night, that night you were so mean

Oh dear heart I watched you speak

From a far, oh it made my heart weak,

Oh dear heart I long for your touch

To stare into your eyes, to feel you, oh don’t rush

Just come back one more night,

I promise I’ll make everything alright

Kiss me softly in summer’s breeze

And I’ll go as quietly as you please.

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