A Book Review: Medieval Realms 1066-1500

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:This Book: “Medieval Realms 1066-1500 A Sense of [H]istory by James Mason” is a evil-speaking book of blasphemes towards the truth of [h]istory in concern with our Moorish identity and We see such printed matters to be illegal and artificial to our house: Thus from our eyes, this publication is an insult: Sadly, not many of us out there in the World are strong enough to state this fact openly: ASHE HOTEP MURI:

Submitted: September 14, 2013

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Submitted: September 14, 2013



 A Book Review, By Prof. NKWNGR

“Minister of Peace, Prophet of She”

“Know Thy Self To Live True”

Attn: Purcell School for Young Musicians, Longman Group UK Limited, James Mason and DNP; The [H]istory teacher for our Daughter’s (Ama Hatshepsut SteadySpear) History Class of the Month of September in the year of 2013:

Book: “A Sense of [H]istory Medieval Realms 1066-1500 by James Mason”

Goal: Creative sharing of our truth towards greater self-esteem:


We desire to start of with this quote from the back of this book of so highlighted “A Sense of [H]istory” Developing a sense of history is at the heart of the National Curriculum”:  With no ill intended, We will adamantly state… this book and this quote likewise this so-called National Curriculum must be somebody warped sense of humour, a dark joke:

What developed emotions and feeling We gathered after reading through this book are disgust, bias, prejudice, rage, offence, insult and a serious dialectic disagreement of its printed media wording and image content and context especially towards the actual omission of facts concerning the era of the 5th Century to the 15th Century otherwise known to be the Middle Age or the Medieval period and the role induced carbon people… aka; Black People… The Moorish identity played in this focus development on the sequencing motions of what is dubbed to be [h]istory and for this sub-discontent of “A Sense of [H]istory  associated to the Medieval Realms:

Indeed… yes indeed there were induced carbon people… aka; Black People… The Moorish identity through Antiquity to the Middle Ages of Europe; this including the areas known to be England, Scotland Ireland Wales and elsewhere throughout Europe; such as France, Germany and Spain: In England around the time of period of 1066 to the 1500s, one of the denotations of association of standards was the phonic “Blackamoors”, In fact it was the year 1596 when Elizabeth I enacted a great event of discrimination against those classified as Blackamoors to be subjected for deportation from England:

In conclusion, there are vast amount knowledge and written literatures likewise sharing by well noted individuals and scholars concerning the relating issues of our discontent of this book so titled “A Sense of [H]istory Medieval Realms written by James Mason”: Thus it continue the often accepted standards by those associated with the National Curriculum to the adhering and omission of facts related to the greater esteem of the Moorish identities: The Magna Carta, the Great Contract of 1215 did not represent nor aided any growth towards those deemed to be Moors, in fact this great contract was to the benefit of the Barons, the wealthy aristocrats or nobles, the peers to the  King/Royals: Additionally, the instrument of the poll tax was not only a tool for extracting wealth off the common people it was an instrumental collar upon the societal populous by attaching a distorted identity of surnames as an easier means of taxation: “Surnames became necessary subsequently after governments instituted personal taxation. In United Kingdom this was known to be Poll Tax, which was first levied in the year 1275. In truth this book is a basic chronicle a collective clique warring episodes for wealth and power, this book gave no true sense on the era of 1066 –1500: In a final review, for this publication, we would rather use it as a log wood to keep our body warm on chilled winter night, then using the recycled carbon to fertilized our vegetable garden:

A Sense of [H]istory”  

Author’s note: This writer’s bloodline heritage stemmed from those Moors of the Akan clan of West Africa, who were illegally transported for economical commerce and profit to the breeding and penal colony known today to be the independent Island nation of Jamaica, Also it’s mixed with the dispersed Germanic and Dutch Jews of Royse house, the Scottish association of the Elliott, the Stuart, the Wilson and Fergusson Clan, likewise with the blood of those from southern India and the Taino clan that mixed with the Maroons of Jamaica: The focus of our Moorish Nationality are shared with our child, Ama SteadySpear likewise the rooted truth of her blood: Hence with compliment, We have shared two important documentaries (Hidden Color 1 and 2) to help highlight our focus passion of truth in regards of greater esteem towards our facts of being and to give a proper balance truthful Sense of [H]istory:

Reference Sources:

“In European history, the Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the early modern period.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Ages

“The following lecture by Master Teacher, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima delves into the rich history of the Moors of Spain, Black Africans, and people predating the Middle Passage. Based on his book, The Golden Age of the Moor, from the Journal of African Civilizations series, Dr. Sertima examines the debt owed by Europe to the Moors for the Renaissance and the significant role played by the African in the Muslim invasions of the Iberian peninsula. Although he focuses mainly on Spain and Portugal, examination of the races and roots of the original North African before the later ethnic mix of the blackamoors and tawny Moors in the medieval period, is illustrated. The study ranges from the Moor in the literature of Cervantes and Shakespeare to his profound influence upon Europe's university system and the diffusion via this system of the ancient and medieval sciences. The Moors are shown to affect not only European mathematics and map-making, agriculture and architecture, but their markets, their music and their machines. The ethnicity of the “Moor is re-examined, as is his unique contribution, both as creator and conduit, to the first seminal phase of the industrial revolution” http://darkmatterparadigm.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/dr-ivan-van-sertima-ancient-high.html

“King Charles Stuart II: The Black Boy King of England 1630 – 1685 – by – Oguejiofo Annu " The word Stuart comes from the old nordish root Svart which means black. Stuart is the same word as Swarthy, which means black in old English.There was once a Stuart line of Kings in England. The name of the founding ancestor was Stuart, which means Black man. In this post, we feature the original painting of one of the Stuart Kings of England and Scotland, King Charles II, also lovingly known as the “black boy” of England by his subjects. He is commemorated in the celebrated name of the Black Boy Inn, found all over the British Isle. King Charles II was a black man. Many of his surviving paintings falsely depict him as a so-called white man in clear contradiction to the famous description of the jolly King. However, in the picture posted immediately below, one can see one of the contemporary paintings of King Charles Stuart II, Merry Black Boy of England. This picture invites all to decide why King Charles Stuart II, would have been called the black boy." http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/king-charles-stuart-ii-king-of-england-aka-the-black-boy/

“MOORS IN ANCIENT BRITAIN Posted By: Arthur Date: 28, February 08, at 7:49 p.m.www.amazingafricanbooks.com MOORS [Blacks] being the original race once occupied virtually every corner of the globe. Britain was no exception. The Grimaldi African man is known to have occupied Europe in ancient times. Moors have been living in Britain from prehistoric times to the present era. Irish tradition tells of a giant-like race of Africans headed by a king with a retinue of priests called Fomorians. They were depicted as gloomy sea giants who brought their skills from Africa via Spain.The original Celtic priesthood were Blacks. The White Druids had nothing to do with the construction of Stonehenge since it predated their emergence by several centuries. The Roman historian, Tacitus, mentioned "the dark complexion and unusually curly hair" of the Silures, or Black Celts who he believed migrated there from Spain. When Julius Caesar invaded Britain he met these Blacks. Julius Caesar's army was itself composed of prominent Blacks. In fact Blacks have served as Roman emperors on a number of occasions. The Scots are themselves of Black origin. Ireland was once known as Scotia Magna and Scotland was called Caledonia until about the third century A.D. when a tribe invaded Caledonia and the name was changed to Scotia. The Irish are said to have derived the name Scotia from the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh named Scot http://www.scribd.com/doc/122206624/MOORS-OF-ANCIENT-BRITAIN

Niger Val Dub "King Kenneth of the Picts" 997a.d. to 1004a.d.The Moors were dominant in Scotland in the 10th century. One of them, was known as King Kenneth, sometimes as Niger or Dubh, a surname which means 'the black man.' It is a historical fact that Niger Val Dubh lived and reigned over certain black divisions in scotland - and that a race known as 'the sons of the blacks' succeeded him in history. (JA Rogers, Sex and Race) Kenneth III of Scotland was king of Scotland from 997 to 1005. He was the son of King Dubh, fourth cousin of the previous king Constantine III, and first cousin of his successor Malcolm II. http://www.100greatblackbritons.com/bios/niger_val_dub.html

Too Many Blackamoors: Deportation, Discrimination, and Elizabeth I

By Bartels, Emily C. Academic journal article from Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, Vol. 46, No. 2 Article details http://www.questia.com/library/1G1-147059961/too-many-blackamoors-deportation-discrimination

SEARCH LIBRARY SOURCES PUBLICATIONS STORE American Ancestors New England Historic Genealogical Society - Founded 1845 It is now generally recognized that most hereditary surnames came into use in England between 1250 and 1450. For that reason alone the poll taxes of 1377-1381 are of great importance to genealogists and surname scholars. The printed volumes show the names of many thousands of people sorted by village, with details about occupations and status. Some relationships are also included. The majority of those listed are rarely mentioned in other documents. With the publication of the poll taxes, we can now view the names of those who survived the Black Death, that catastrophic plague which killed such a large percentage of the population in 1348-49. The volumes also provide a picture of local communities at the very moment when some new surnames were stabilizing. For example, John Godwyn, a taxpayer in Syderstone, Norfolk in 1379, is listed just below Godewyn, a man whose personal name was by then so unusual that he seems not to have needed a surname.2 http://www.americanancestors.org/the-english-poll-taxes-1377-1381/





A Sense of Bias [H]istory


Certain books will not be permitted in our home, certain publications will not make it pass our front door: Any and all printed matters that somehow made it through our doors and they shared a improper sense of truth on the reflections of our esteem, these matters will be recycle for its Carbon… Blackness: Then it will be use for fertiliser in growing of our vegetables in our garden:  

Without these adamant doctrines and religious dogmas of interruptions these cycles of lies will continue: Thus, We will share this truth by Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”:  With the growth and awareness of self, this being of living body and immoral soul, who is writing to you; Hear our words as it vibrates through your body and the core of your soul: We will not do nothing! We will let our voice of discontents be heard, especially when, the imprinted lies are directed to our representative of life… our daughter… our child:

 This Book: “A Sense of [H]istory, Medieval Realms 1066-1500 by James Mason” is very evil towards our truth on the patterns of motions by our Moorish ancient self: How can any writer of history chronicled the so-called Medieval Realms of 1066-1500, without mentioning the existence of the Moorish identity: Explicitly, when it was noted that in the referred dialogue the phonic of insult and addressing our being was “BLACKAMOOR”: This fact to us are purposeful omission on the true sense of [h]istory: Especially when the nativity of the Medieval Realms 1066-1500 was due to the established moral and social codes of we Moors:

In conclusion, there is no civilization without Black People, hence there are no history without the Moorish identity and nationality: Any factors, which deem otherwise, are doing so from the premise of so-called  [W] hite supremacy and this motion pattern is one of anti-social growth and death of truth:  For our child to undergo such malice deemed as [h]istory lesson is very unpleasant and likewise very disturbing: Therefore in upholding this truth under the contract of law; Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All: For this study of [h}istory, We have determined with accepted joy for an academic grading of Zero… [0]; In regards to our child brain computer suffering from these corrupted purposeful error of misinformation and miseducation of this publication in question towards her cultural esteem and grace:

 We do thank you for your time and the lending of your ear, do have beautiful day and a supernatural wonderful life:


Living Deity, Living Beneficiary

 :Prof. NKWNGR: ©-® : 2013 UK

Minister of Peace, Prophet of She :]


Ashe Hotep Muri

[:Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All:]


References: Too Many Blackamoors: Deportation, Discrimination, and Elizabeth I

By EMILY C. BARTELS http://www.press.jhu.edu/timeline/sel/Bartels_2006.pdf

Luxor Temple in Man - John Anthony West http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UiaKsVh4rw

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