"A Moment of Happiness"

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Poetic Notes: Words sounds vibrations, creative sharing of poetic muse, from a spoken-word artist, thoughts are taken from the deep meditations of life’s abstract frequencies; Some words and thoughts will make you happy or sad, while for others some words of sharing may certainly get them mad, because often times our truth hurts: However, this means the therapeutic of our vernacular have reached a core level to stir some emotion of reaction; this is fine for it only means the magic of our wording muse have left a poetic mark, thus we will say… Thank you for reading our words and thoughts on The Art of life:

Submitted: September 14, 2013

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Submitted: September 14, 2013



[: A Moment of Happiness

A Single Thought of You


[: A Moment of Happiness

A Single Thought of You


When we think of you, when we really think of you, in a deep view

There is no doubt that our bond is true, are you feeling it too

In life many will never have this luck, the road of life is rough,

Oh yes we even know there are others having it really, really tough


Still a gaze into your eyes makes our life comes alive,

sometimes that’s not enough

This distance doesn’t ease the fondness of our hearts,

Thus sometimes these marking moments gets so lonely and dark


Especially when the internet connection doesn’t allow us to talk

When we see you, the world is spinning and we see the future too

Oh it’s a wonderful view, we holding hands with your embracing pride

It really make our life comes alive never having a desire of why


Seeing you, being with you, talking with you this changed our mood

Your appreciations have caused a great sensation of flowing imaginations

Looking at the endless possibilities we smiled, really how often do we cried

To find a gem so sparkling beyond the normal shines, this will blow your mind


A moment of happiness is a single thought of you, imagine what seeing you will do

A single thought of you brings a moment of happiness imagine what touching you will do,

so open your heart and let us in together we can sing of beautiful things:]


Poetic Lyrics… As We Continue… For the Publication “The Scribe”

Written By :Prof. NKWNGR: ©-® : 2013 UK


Ashe Hotep Muri

[:Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All:]




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