His-story of Rape onto the Daughters of Man

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2) 40 – Title: Thy Holy Words, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 2
3) 40 – Title: The Minister of Peace, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 3
4) 40 – Title: The Prophet of She, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 4
5) 40 – Title: Pearls of Wisdom & Levitations, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 5
6) 40 – Title: Know Thy Self, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 6

Forty poems per book, total poems = 240 that six times 40: Our Goal is to complete this collection of poetry books by Spring 2014:

Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



[: His-story of Rape onto the Daughters of Man
The Violations The Breach to Her Womb

Oh this violent motion have disturbed the air, lands & seas, it’s only through the brutal birth & the barbaric rise & pride of the Anglo-Norman styles in seizure of properties that rape titillate to stimulate the act of crimes: The concepts & precepts of rape originated in late 15th century or late Middle English period of the mixing neo-Germans of Franks and Scandinavians: Oh that time period was very brutal to the Daughters of Man: For they robbed, looted & steal looking for wealth of gold or mystical symbols to eased their souls, it was a homicidal climb of bloodthirsty smiles

Their slaughtering brought great pleasures however they found a very special treasure between the legs of the daughters of man: From between her legs they became father of their illusionary Kingdoms, by spawning future rapere… oh… sorry your Latin is weak from anglo-norman french to the English anti-social treats, it’s rap, raper, rapist, Where the carrying off a woman by force became the impacting course on the African Nations the indigenous societal populations, the British breached the Black Womb & erected many tombs with their cycles of rapes on the daughters of man the Wombman

Oh the anglo-norman French and their Germanic brethrens, they coined the noun of rape while the verb of rape transverse time and space, We’ll leave the fantasy of Alien rape scenarios to the Hollywood movie industry; However, in many of the Bollywood depiction scenes the punishment of rapes stir loud conversing cries, yet too often the so-called noble politicians lie & hide; The young females of India really have a rough ride, the world is often silent to their bleeding cries; so a male can have a heir, modern africa has a similarity on patterns in breaching the young womb before the age of time

In china this was/is an awful pride where death became the solution for many of the birthing girl child: Tis motion of rape is indeed a quest of penal wealth in a patriarchal controlling society wherein female human slavery is a big factor of the male economy, Human trafficking makes billions for the criminal wealthy, who do you think control the shipping industry and the police forces of every countries, rape is not a crime, it’s an anti-social pattern of style whereby many in the global society will turn a blind eye, criminal elites are rewarded for their misdeeds while silent servants carries their rapes

When her womb is like the breeding of cattle the cycle of rape became a standard social pattern, between the daughters of man legs tis his-story of rape is drape in silent

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Ashe Hotep Muri
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