"Our Taught History"

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:Poetic Notes: Words sounds vibrations, creative sharing of poetic muse, from a spoken-word artist, thoughts are taken from the deep meditations of life’s abstract frequencies; Some words and thoughts will make you happy or sad, while for others some words of sharing may certainly get them mad, because often times our truth hurts: However, this means the therapeutic of our vernacular have reached a core level to stir some emotion of reaction; this is fine for it only means the magic of our wording muse have left a poetic mark, thus we will say… Thank you for reading our words and thoughts on The Art

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



[: Our Taught History
The Egos of His- Stories

All the females… all the women, all our sisters all our Mothers are fools… No, No, No… Surly no need to be confused; We’ll explain this point to view: It’s a simple truth they’re fools! When someone has been fooled that makes them a fool, thus this simple truth about being fooled & the fools: There’re many aspects & suspects on the marks & the tools used/using to cause this state of being fooled: For this emphasis our focus is the programming of taught history: We ponder how many of the motherly sex have noticed the patterns of the lines that taught history is about the egos of his stories

Taught history is about the male’s glories, his quest for wealth, his conquests of wars, his ecclesiastic laws; Taught history prejudicially conveying a bias, a harmful, sexist gender basis stories, where the males are depicted as the heroes the great intellectuals the humanitarians & saviours of the mothers & children: How quickly some have forgotten the patterns of the industrial revolutions & the other atrocities done to our mothers & children: In the conscience of thought, taught history is illegal & outdated, taught history only extolling the criminals of elite status that belongs to one fraternity 

On the sense of backward notions in finding out her ancient directions & connections In the institutions of schools the females, our sisters, our mothers, our daughters our wives to be, they’re all being fooled…thus becomes the fools, they’re giving books to use to guide their motions…whereby the focus concords deals with the penal records, Have you ever ponder why the criminal law the criminal codes are called penal codes, Based on phallic laws, in the olden days of full societal rapes it was the ecclesiastic males with their swing tails they the ones who administered the punishments of pains 

With the kings royal decrees these priests were the masters of death, their gifts of life came from many rapes of the female suspects often accused of witchcraft or colluding with devils & demons, yet they’re sparred after the sexual pleasures: In the patterns of taught history, only the wealthy females are called ladies, for the females of common souls, the street slang has always been bitches & whores or the servants who obeys & stays under control; What’s the word for that again… oh yeah a slave; She is wearing a invisible mental chain it shackles her computer brain, thus her Divine scopes on the truth of taught history lies has her in a state of ever blind & unwise to this evil bind

Taught history, are translations of the egos of his- stories wherein the roles of superior follows the criteria of male’s twisted deranged psychosis to be champions of disorders 

Poetic Lyrics… As We Continue… For the Publication “Ankh Chi Tao”
Written By :Prof. NKWNGR: ©-® : 2013 UK

Ashe Hotep Muri
[:Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All:]

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