Six, Six, Six Sigils Affix

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Poetic Notes: Words sounds vibrations, creative sharing of poetic muse, from a spoken-word artist, thoughts are taken from the deep meditations of life’s abstract frequencies; Some words and thoughts will make you happy or sad, while for others some words of sharing may certainly get them mad, because often times our truth hurts: However, this means the therapeutic of our vernacular have reached a core level to stir some emotion of reaction; this is fine for it only means the magic of our wording muse have left a poetic mark, thus we will say… Thank you for reading our words and thoughts on The Art of life:

Submitted: September 14, 2013

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Submitted: September 14, 2013



[: Six, Six, Six Sigils Affix

Insulting Divine


Really from witch pen do you remember when these numbers first came to our head, The security of men mostly those homosexual friends established in disguise tis crime, 666 tis sigil is not evil, the order of christ in fear so they say the anti-christ will appear, Not to worry we’re here our goal the return of our divine connections of care & share, Absolutely sadly life is not fair for her wisdom is manipulated to gain hostage oh dear, The sale of religions is all about profits & how twisted men became the kings of kings, Six six six evil men use tis sigil to maim or kill then eradicate truth in names of kings


James forced his-story while shake put a spear in the tree, reincarnated clues my muse, Squeezing your mind like unfit shoes, listening to the lies will only make you go blind, In tis view societies of men they’re the true aliens pregnating thy womb so he can rule, Studying the earth’s grid one would see her ancient monuments connecting to all things, Her will no long sing, the music at play is just for kills, tis radiation cause her to be ill, Decompose flesh taint her blood so she’ll digress some will fight & kill for his objects, Six six six a stamp on his unholy conquest a sigil in controlling his religious subjects


Deciphering the mysteries, the Shebas already saw the rising & falling of all the stars, Her galactic throne her cosmology her divine astrology give birth to human sociology, Matrix is thy mother the one who carries all dark mater with evil he seeking to shatter, All her known is placed in the unknown so homosexual god would have lasting home, A joke inspired by god after digging into another’s shit bag came forth-unholy breath, In revelation they didn’t mention any of their rectum fornications such abominations, The true demons are the ones speaking of god holding a bible saying they are humans


Characteristic of Divine, 666 numerological represent the most high the being inside, Projecting images in sky all that’s just lies twisted tales by men who ride the backside, Now the cult is very strong so they renamed it religion & fooled slaves in communion, In all the facts to see all that’s about She is labeled pagan rituality but he is spirituality, Deep in sacraments of homosexuality tis priestly gnostic are male doctrines of vitality, Very infectious pontifex maximus like pus so we don’t trust all they doing is harm us, Thus sons of men engage in evil lust & building on her dust an evil god of monstrous


666 a magical square of the sun where her cosmic dance produce nuptial fusion of fun, Emissaries of Divine Mothers, ones before all others Mami Wata, Amengansie, Sibyls:]


Poetic Lyrics… As We Continue… For the Publication “Ankh Chi Tao”

Written By :Prof. NKWNGR: ©-® : 2013 UK


Ashe Hotep Muri

[:Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All:]


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