The Death of a Student, In Honour of TD

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4) 40 – Title: The Prophet of She, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 4
5) 40 – Title: Pearls of Wisdom & Levitations, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 5
6) 40 – Title: Know Thy Self, 6 x 40 Lyrical Literatures, Volume 6

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Submitted: December 23, 2013

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Submitted: December 23, 2013



[: The Death of a Student, In Honour of TD

Tort Neglect Duty of Care, Pt. 3, A Stressful Brain


Toby Davies, this is a name that properly wouldn’t have been remembered in the chronologies of musical history or any other history, in fact, except for the note that he died really before his time at a very young age of living his musical dream of attempting studying music at the Purcell school for young musicians; this young male as the stories later changed from meningitis, he died from a cerebella stroke, no joke when young people are stress, cerebella stroke will choke the brain thus lead to death, Our fret was the conditions that lead up to his death was he bullied what was his stress


After the facts, few may say he was happy, however gifted beings often wear a mask of happy while living a stressful life and from his personal connections, nothing this voice can or may offer as to light of his sudden departure; of his environment, what this voice can state Purcell school for young musicians was a stressful environment towards our child, our daughter our blood our house, the interactions of that space caused migraine to our family, truth be told, We had no desire for our daughter to be another victim, so we took her out of the school that shown abusing tunes to her mood


We knew of the bullying to our daughter, We even spoke to the deputy head, one Christine Rayfield, about a teacher by the name of Patsy Toh; Oh, she telling our daughter, “your father doesn’t know how to prepare you for reality”: We also spoke about the raped of [h]istory, the force feeding of errors & lies to our child, that there were no Black Moorish Africans in the United Kingdom 1066 to 1500, our daughter our house took offences to these purposeful errors of lies, thus We shared the facts to open up their mind, sadly our thoughts were perceived to be a rant & to be ridiculous 


The ridiculousness is October is black history month in the UK, yet Purcell school for young musicians have no honour towards our Kinds [“subject: interracial children are fucking sexy bitch: “Fri 15.11.13 Time: 12:58 did you know that interracial children have more success in life because its cool? Could you meet with me in the nmc toilets at 4pm on monday next week. If you get your dad to kill me i will drop kick him in the face. I can finger you until my finger falls off but i won’t be able to have sex with you since i had an overdose of Viagra the other day and i now have no penis.”]


The question to you, such a note to your child, would you say your child is safe in such a school, would you let her stay in such an unhealthy environment of learning


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