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Poetic Notes: Words sounds vibrations, creative sharing of poetic muse, from a spoken-word artist, thoughts are taken from the deep meditations of life’s abstract frequencies; Some words and thoughts will make you happy or sad, while for others some words of sharing may certainly get them mad, because often times our truth hurts: However, this means the therapeutic of our vernacular have reached a core level to stir some emotion of reaction; this is fine for it only means the magic of our wording muse have left a poetic mark, thus we will say… Thank you for reading our words and thoughts on The Art of life:

Submitted: September 14, 2013

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Submitted: September 14, 2013





Being lost at sea some are unable to see their homeland beyond the horizon, for depleted memories with attached fakeries of identities causing many voyages to be unstable and rocky, some really enjoy being cocky with their slave title on who they be, yet many don’t know only the Moors are free in the corporate contract of slavery, To be, the neophytes in front of thee, all their motion of flow are governed by treaties, In these treaties due to corruptions of thoughts black is the icon of naught, africans are commodities once bought & color is a blight after dark yet a Moor is a noble soul:


Say you really desire to know more, read the black codes the 1724 Christian black codes, read who really own your souls: Yes…the records shows & we do surly know there are Moors not associated with Islam, there were Moors who were Christians, There were Moors who were Jews and there were Moors that did not care what point to view, once knowledge was the quest to be true: In our Moorish Europe… this is before Europe got [w]hite washed and corrupted, some of these Moorish sages of the Moorish Golden age they’re the first to built great institutions, universities of schools


In modern neo-european schools this knowledge is not shared in the schools on how Moors shared their experiences of classical music, the arts, medicine, literature and the laws, We shared Earth science & how to see the stars, these Moorish sages they laid the foundation of governments & how to stand tall with treaties of pact on how to navigate the seas & lands, these are why modern attacks of slavery can never attach so don’t get distracted with distinctions like Ethiopian means burnt face ones or the Arabs called the sun scorch ones Moors, indeed deeper records shown us to be Muurs


Of the modern disguise of the unwise, our focus of liberty is breaking the chains of corporate slavery whereas the Moorish identity supersedes the lesser-blacks contracts of black attacks: A Moor listed as a slave not in the ancients days nor in this so-called modern ways, that would be breaking the treaty of friendship, we can have non of that, The lesser-blacks corporate world would have a panic attack, while many slaves oops Blacks don’t know the facts, many of the lesser-blacks are still beholding to Moorish pacts on agreements of sociability, see their coat of arms icons, what you will see are


Moorish identities for many of lesser blacks so-called royalty, their crested images, Often depicting We Royal Moors, the papacy the unholy see his seal is our own, see:]


Poetic Lyrics… As We Continue… For the Publication “Ankh Chi Tao”

Written By :Prof. NKWNGR: ©-® : 2013 UK


Ashe Hotep Muri

[:Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All:]


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