United States of Africa

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Poetic Notes: Words sounds vibrations, creative sharing of poetic muse, from a spoken-word artist, thoughts are taken from the deep meditations of life’s abstract frequencies; Some words and thoughts will make you happy or sad, while for others some words of sharing may certainly get them mad, because often times our truth hurts: However, this means the therapeutic of our vernacular have reached a core level to stir some emotion of reaction; this is fine for it only means the magic of our wording muse have left a poetic mark, thus we will say… Thank you for reading our words and thoughts on The Art of life:

Submitted: September 14, 2013

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Submitted: September 14, 2013



[: United States of Africa

Black Race A Tale of Identity

When did we become race … Race a contest between winners and losers, Pondering back looking at the facts this competition is against blacks, A race in this, here and now space, adjust your thoughts and show your face, We are not “black race” this is a lie an illogical discombobulating fleece, The liars will speak about unity of race don’t be caught in their evil embrace, In transcend an omitting of this lie through the i-magi-nation our Nation flies, We are not “black race” we are “Black Nation” the beholders of first civilization… We’re First Nation…


Black Nations are the ones that brought forth global population, This race myth we all need to flush this SHIT by now you must know the race is fixed, Officials are quick in writing race “history” as foundation bricks it’s a continual trick, With smiles using books of lies to confuse & blind those they considered to be unwise, There’s no White race there is no Asian race, there is no Jewish race these are myths, Through the germ-man the neo Europeans cock-and-bull stories got pollutedly thick, Their dogma of brainwashing utilities representing fraternities of latent homosexuality


Their modern books of books got many blacks on hooks, acting as crooks selling lines, Like black race need “spirituality” tis is major stupidity from sick mentalities these boules the mules following a evil psychopathic tendency living with stockholm syndrome their worship is intellectually insulting, by religious ignorance these sheep-peoples cause the vatican prosperities they wage felonious wars & fictitious debt their churches are frauds it’s a social net their governments are illegal the people are less than pets the straw man is for financial prostitution don’t think of divine interventions


For within this dreadful reality corruptions breeds & expanded in destructive fantasy, Tis race myth come on you know we got to flush it really you don’t know the race is fixed, We are not “black race” We’re First Nation… All beatific Black Nations… all artifacts shown we’re ancient great generations, & the keepers of the divine intuitions, Due to the illusions of “I” the ibid took the place of the dark-side, their carbon light no longer reflects Her sun might, so many black sheep-peoples will fight, some will even seek flights after castrating the wealth & increasing the poor black ones plights


Race a contest ignite between conquerors & the conquered, when did we become race, pondering back looking into the facts, this competition is being perpetrated by blacks:]


Poetic Lyrics… As We Continue… For the Publication “Ankh Chi Tao”

Written By :Prof. NKWNGR: ©-® : 2013 UK


Ashe Hotep Muri

[:Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All:]


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