What I can not have.

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My best friend goes after a guy she knows I like.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



It was a Saturday and I had one of my closest friends over. Tomorrow's Sunday and I'll get to see him, the guy I've had the biggest crush on sense he moved to our church. Seeing him is like a gift even though we hardly speak a word to each other I love seeing him. By now my attraction to him has grown so much I just have to let it out, so I turned to my friend, telling her every last juciey detail of my feelings for him. She listens nodding and smiling when I begin talking about how if I'm lucky when our eyes meet he'll give me that special warm smile that makes me melt. The next day I get excited as I get ready for church, my friend who also goes to my church hasn't said a word. Then I mention him and her face lights up and she starts to go on and on about him. I bite my lip desperatly trying not to snap at her.

 When we arrive at church I immediatly speed walk to the youth room excited to finally after a long hard week getting to see his face. He's sprawled out on one of the many couches totally un aware of how he's affecting me. My friend pushes past me and plops down next to him and right off the bat begins flirting. I sucked in a tight breath, swallowed hard and kept the unwanted tears from spilling over. How could she, my best friend after everything I told her after spilling out my every last emotion to her and trusting her with them. And him hardly aware I was in the room. He didn't need me and there was no forgiving her, I lost them both at the same exact second.

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