Snippets 2

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Collection2 of my short,simple random stuff, written years ago when I was 15 or 16 I think. For anyone who has time to spare.

Personally, don’t exactly like them much, that’s why I collated them. Well, hope you enjoy them though. Please review, which one you like or dislike. Thanks for reading!

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



1. Tearing...

Why must it happen to me?

Pieces of broken glass,

Scratches of blood,

Leaves scars that become,

So appalling to me.

Can you feel my broken heart,

So unhealed,

So unwell,

It tears everyday,

Till it floods.


2. Don’t wana

No, don’t wana leave,

Don’t wana say goodbye,

Don’t wana go,

Don’t wana walk away.

For I’ll never see you,

Not even your shadows,

I won’t be able to hear you,

Not even your screams,

I’ll never read your expressions,

Won’t remember your smiles,

Don’t wana forget you.


3. Start anew

Heavy on my heart,

Like pretty flowers fluttering to the ground,

When rain pelts down down down.

All the hurt, tears, disappointment, sadness,

Wash them away.

Start anew, be afresh,

Like a new born flower,

Rising in the sun.


4. That dream

Opened my eyes,

I see you there.

My vision blurred,

It’s unclear.

You’re drifting further,

Out of my sight.

A dream…

Oh a dream,

It seems so real,

Yes it’s just…

A dream.


5. The wall

You’re standing right here beside me,

But somehow our hearts are far away,

A wall in between.

The distance I cannot bear,

But so what if you didn’t care?

Would you look at me in another view,

Like I do you with comforts so few?


6. The prom day

Dress like a princess

With glittering accessories.

Put on those shoes

With elegant stripes.

Hand in hand,

We stride down the staircase,

And whoosh through the room

With amazing grace.


Smart up with a bow,

Put on that tuxedo.

Style your hair,

Looking ravishing.

With a big bright smile,

You look at me,

Held out a hand,

And led me through.


7. Could I?

Could I blame you,

For your cute alluring eyes,

So electrifying and soft.

Your gaze so extreme,

It melt my fears,

Your smiles so perfect,

So charming and sweet,

Deep, sexy voice,

Music to my ears.

Your actions so dashing,

They sooth those chills

Should I blame myself,

For noticing you.

Your perfections glaring,

In everyone’s view.

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